Your One-stop Guide for Hassle-free International Flight Booking During Covid-19

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on how airlines and travellers deal with the issue of travel safety. Keep reading to know more about how to travel safely during the pandemic.

Booking your international flight is an intricate task which demands time and effort. Right from looking for the best deal on flights to a suitable departure and arrival time, there are quite a few things that you need to pay attention to. And with the Covid-19 pandemic changing our lives as we know it, travelling has become more challenging than it was before. You have to take extra precaution while choosing your flight while holding travel-safety as your priority. So how to make this intricate process easier? Here’s how-

Know About Covid-19 Restrictions Imposed at Your Destination

Although the pandemic is a global fiasco, each country has its way of handling it depending on several factors. This also means there are different rules and regulations regarding flight services and pre-landing Covid-19 tests. It is of utmost importance that you are well-prepared for what you will be walking into, for instance, you are expected to quarantine for 15 days if you are flying from the UK to India. The rules for airport security checks have also changed and require more time than usual to ensure safety for all parties involved. Another point to remember is to procure your information from reliable sources and plan accordingly. Trust government and authorities guidelines over generic articles.

The Days of Skipping Through Airlines Safety Manual are Over

The pandemic has entirely changed how people view safety and hygiene. These two factors must not be compromised, and the standards must be maintained by all the airlines. Most airline services have uploaded the complete guides on their websites explaining how they are ensuring their traveller’s crew members’ safety. The best way to confirm the safety protocols is to read the reviews by travellers available on different travel blogs and programs. Moreover, follow the guidelines carefully. For instance, most airlines now only allow you to enter the airport if you have done your web check-in. Convenience in the past, it has become a necessity now.

Check the Cancellation Policy Without Any Delay

Cancelling your flights or changing the itinerary is fairly common and most of the airlines provide a cancellation policy with a full/partial/no refund or some form of credit. But it is imperative to check and read the policy thoroughly before the payment is made to avoid any future inconvenience. Moreover, check if the airline will initiate a full refund in case the flight cancels due to lockdown imposed in any of the countries.

Travelling With Insurance During Covid-19 Sounds like a Good Plan

While airlines and authorities have been quite supportive in case of cancellation, it is highly recommended to travel with insurance during these uncertain times, and it can often prove to be very rewarding. Several airlines have their travel insurance packages which you can purchase while booking your flight.

Don’t Forget to Earn those Miles!

Finally, keep yourself updated on the offers and discounts, including the miles you can earn on your flight ticket. With flight frequency reduced and millions stranded, the prices of air tickets can be quite high. However, you can earn miles while booking a flight for yourself or your family, as long as you mention your unique member Id. Most commonly you can use them against future international flight booking, but they can also be redeemed against transport services at your landing destination, booking a hotel or even eating out. Other services which you can avail when you’re a part of a loyalty program is priority check-in, quick upgrades and more.

Planning for International travel has become more lengthy and tedious thanks to the new guidelines. However, these are to keep you and your fellow passengers safe. Keep the points mentioned above in mind to ensure smoother travel and a more comfortable journey for you and your loved ones. Always remember, safety should be your priority!