Your Personal Guide to Functional Medicine Health Coaches

A functional medicine health coach, also known as a functional medicine doctor, helps to care for patients in ways that traditional doctors are unequipped to. Functional medicine health coaches provide recipes, diet guidelines, exercise ideas, and specific goals. Most health coaches follow up with their patients weekly to keep track of those goals. Health coaching combines the intelligence of a doctor with the applicability of a nutritionist with the inspiration of a therapist. The health and wellness industry is fast, and there are almost always health coaching positions available in just about any location. Here are a few reasons you should hire a functional medicine health coach in Bountiful:

Health Coaches can Help with Meal Plans

Functional medicine ealth coaches are well-versed in food and nutrition, and are thus fully capable of providing healthy recipes that will be beneficial to you and your specific situation. They are also willing to help you with your shopping, whether online or in person at a Bountiful grocery store, to help you keep a balanced diet. Using what they know about your current health conditions and needs, they can put together a meal plan for the week, ensuring that you get the right amount of calories, vitamins, and nutrients throughout the day without having to add them up yourself. If you struggle with dieting, functional medicine health coaches can adjust your dieting plan to fit what works best for you. For example, some people do best with intermittent fasting while others do best with adding additional, healthier foods to their diet. No matter the situation, your health coach in Bountiful will be equipped to aid and assist you in your snacks and meals.

Health Coaches can Identify Deficiencies and Allergies

Due to their background and training, health coaches can help you pinpoint and identify any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that you may be suffering from. Additionally, they can narrow down possible allergies or food sensitivities that may be hindering your growth or ability to lose or gain weight. Most functional medicine health coaches analyze their patients for a couple of weeks, keeping tabs on what they are eating and how they are feeling each day, and then use these findings to pinpoint specific food issues. Once the sensitivities and allergies have been acknowledged, your functional medicine health coach can help you eliminate it from your life, replacing it with healthier alternatives. Deficiencies can be harder to acknowledge than allergies, but health coaches can identify those as well. Certain symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, and more may be connected to certain deficiencies such as iron or calcium deficiencies. Functional medicine health coaches in Bountiful can recommend particular supplements or dietary implementations to help restore balance to your body.

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