10 Helpful Insights to Improve Food Platter Catering & Delivery in Singapore   

Catering and delivery services can boost your restaurant’s sales, revenue, and profits. Online ordering has changed how restaurants operate. With delivery platforms, online ordering boosts restaurant sales. In addition, the advent of a cashless economy and the proliferation of food platter delivery businesses in Singapore, also known as cloud kitchens, have led to a significant increase in digital food ordering and the restaurant delivery service industry has experienced consistent growth.

However, if your catering company’s delivery service has poor execution, it can severely damage your brand. Negative ordering experiences will affect your restaurant’s traffic, necessitating enhanced delivery management. This article will explain how to master restaurant catering, online ordering, and breakfast catering and delivery in Singapore.

1. Use digital marketing.

An effective catering marketing plan must include digital marketing. Whether your catering business is well-established or starting, you need a digital marketing strategy to reach more clients. A successful digital campaign increases website traffic and generates interest in your company.

2. Offer referral incentives.

Acquiring new customers is essential to the success of your sharing platter delivery business in Singapore. Offering referral incentives to current customers is one of the most effective ways to gain new ones. A referral programme has customer incentives, such as a discount or gift card, for referring new customers who place an order.

Promote your catering company’s referral programme by emailing each client after completing their catering order to inquire about their satisfaction. When sending this follow-up email, include a request for a new customer referral. Inform them that their referral may result in a reward.

3. Ensure clear communication.

Phone orders are easy but inefficient. Your staff may have recorded incorrect orders, or a customer may not have explained their order correctly. Invest in customer service phone training for your halal food catering team in Singapore. Teach them to double-check their items to avoid miscommunication. Offer specific ordering choices to facilitate the ordering process.

4. Host food tasting events.

It is difficult for a new catering company to gain a positive reputation if no one has tried its food. The solution is to host a tasting event. A tasting event fosters relationships with prospective customers while allowing them to sample your menu and observe your presentation skills. And if you’re interested in hosting a tasting event, create a list of potential catering clients, such as engaged couples and business executives, and invite them to the event. Once they arrive, describe your dessert box delivery and menu items in Singapore. Give each guest a takeout menu, brochure, or card. To make your tasting event successful, offer guests a discount on their first catering order. Turn positive tasting impressions into sales.

5. Control costs.

Although it may be advantageous for your catering service to offer discounts, avoid giving away too much for free. If your catering business does not generate a profit, expansion is impossible. Make a list of all the costs associated with operating your catering business and ensure you earn enough monthly to cover these costs. Lastly, be wary of underpricing your food. The price of menu items in your food platter delivery service in Singapore should reflect the cost of the ingredients and the time spent preparing, transporting, and serving the food.

6. Create a terrific online menu.

It is of the utmost importance to have an online menu that is clear, concise, easy to read, contains all pertinent information, and includes a prominent call to action. This online menu can be located anywhere, including your restaurant’s website and the websites of food platter delivery services in Singapore. What is preventing you from optimising your online menu, given that most of your restaurant’s delivery orders come from online channels?

7. Try a customer loyalty programme.

A loyalty programme can help you retain customers and grow your breakfast catering business in Singapore. A loyalty programme gives repeat customers discounts, free items, and personalised options. Your company’s loyalty programme shows customers they’re valuable and strengthens relationships.

8. Utilise technology to assign orders and monitor shipments.

You can utilise technology to assign orders to your restaurant’s delivery agents and track them once they have been dispatched. Through a delivery app, orders can be assigned to free riders. You can monitor the entirety of the delivery procedure to evaluate driver performance and optimise routes. It allows you to record the dispatch time, check your dessert box delivery staff in Singapore, and analyse the time it takes to deliver orders. This module also aids in classifying customers according to their order information and optimising home delivery orders based on that information.

9. Have a standardised method of delivery.

Outsourcing restaurant delivery partners do not necessitate sacrificing service efficiency. The kitchen staff and delivery drivers should be assigned specific delivery duties. Outsourced drivers of your sharing platter delivery service in Singapore should be well-versed in their coverage area, and your in-house kitchen staff should know who is responsible for bagging orders to keep them ready to go. It will give drivers more time to match content correctly and prevent errors.


10. Rent cloud kitchens.

Utilise a cloud kitchen to broaden the reach of your halal food catering business in Singapore. Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, are commercial cooking spaces with cutting-edge culinary equipment caterers rent as an alternative to purchasing their own kitchen space. This cost-effective option allows caterers to focus on preparing delicious food rather than searching for the ideal kitchen space.

11. Outsource delivery drivers.

With third-party restaurant delivery partners such as Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc., or freelance delivery drivers hired on demand, it is no longer necessary to invest in a fleet of delivery boys and vehicles. It is ingenious to outsource delivery drivers to reduce delivery times during unexpected rush hours. It also reduces the overall costs of food platter delivery in Singapore, such as insurance and hourly wages.

Due to advancements in technology and shifting demographics, the future of restaurant delivery is now more promising than ever. Therefore, you must ensure that you provide superior customer service even when food is delivered to your customers.

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