10 Things to Know before moving to Dallas Texas

Picking a new place to settle requires careful consideration, of which the most important is whether the place caters to your primary interest. This interest is not a job but an activity you love doing.

Once that is determined, other activities and considerations can be considered. It is not advisable to move to New York City, when your primary activity is hiking and open spaces.

How we live outside work should be the primary reason for moving to a new place. Each place has its own unique way of life and activities and these should appeal before deciding to call that place home.

So who does Dallas TX appeal to?

Dallas movers often love the big-ness of Texas. Dallas is one of the ten biggest cities in the United States, spread over a large area meaning anyone that wants some acreage with their property is bound to get some and driving is key.

So when considering a move to Dallas, one must ask whether they would like to have a large property and love driving. Driving is essential in Dallas. Everything is about thirty minutes out because most people opt to live in the suburbs and driving is the best way to get around.

Once that’s sorted there are other things to know about Dallas TX.

Firstly, as stated before it’s big. It is approximately 343 square miles, Chicago is 234 square miles and Manhattan is located on a 34 mile plot of land. Dallas TX is big. This is a good thing because it means there are so many places to live.

Each neighborhood has its own vibe or feel to it. It is important to pick one that appeals to your values and what you consider important in life. A search must start early because of the vastness of it all. But this can be narrowed down by understanding your preferences and allowing those to guide your decisions.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Dallas are Colleyville, which is an affluent community, Grapevine has parks and low taxes with annual festivals, Trophy Club is the most desirable because it has excellent schools and park systems and also maintains a small town feel, M Street features picture perfect tree lined streets, with charming houses dating back to the 20s, its popular among young couples and new families and is close to downtown, Uptown is hipster with a good mix of cafes, clubs, parks, bars and restaurants. It is valued by singles in their 20s and over -30 professionals who love the city feel in a big city.

The cost of living in Dallas has gone up. If you choose to rent, you will pay upwards of a $1,000 for a one bedroom apartment. Home values are expected to rise too.

Funding your lifestyle in Dallas will require some sort of income and fortunately many large companies are headquartered in Dallas TX. This means that there are many high paying job opportunities in Dallas to finance your lifestyle and provide disposable income.

With such an opportunity comes the issue of traffic.

Dallas movers listen close, traffic is a huge part of Dallas life, highways are often congested, which makes it important to take into account when you have a time sensitive appointment to get to. Dallas is ranked 28th for cities with the most traffic, so that is something important to know.

Other things to know about life in Dallas TX are that Taxes work a little differently, schools are excellent, football is life, the city is growing and there are a lot of things to do.