12 Perfectly Delightful Cakes For Your Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the time of mirth and merriment. It is an occasion to bid goodbye to the ending year and welcome the new times with hope and faith. This celebratory event calls for fun, laughter, exchange of gifts, and a lavish Christmas dinner that takes place anywhere between Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day. The feast day is held to celebrate the arrival of Christmastide.

In almost all traditions, the main course is followed by a Christmas dessert. There are certain Christmas cakes that are an integral part of the feast. Know these popular accompaniments to give your Christmas a perfect ending. Take the guide:

1.Plum Cake

The traditional classic, the plum cake will make the merry-making session more vibrant. The cake is appetizing and perfectly suited to the season love, share, and care.

2.White Forest Cake

This is another well suited cake with white chocolate swirls and chocolate ganache resembling the Christmas snow. You can also include tiny fondant stars and trees to make the cake look merrier.

3.Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is a hit on all occasions and is popularly savored. Opt for a chocolate truffle cake, and it will definitely bring a smile of delight on your dear one’s face.

4.Raspberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake has always remained a holiday classic. It was introduced way before Christmas celebrations took a form. It was recorded by Roman statesman, Cato the Elder, in 160 BC. The rich feel of cheesecake perfectly complements raspberry mousse.

5.Christmas Fruitcake

Another classic Christmas cake that is widely exchanged and can be safely opted if you seek cake delivery in Hyderabad or any other city where you wish to deliver your wishes. Savor the authentic taste of Christmas with the fruitcake having candied fruits and nuts!

6.Carrot Cake

This underrated cake is one of the most delicious picks to match the colorfulness of Christmas. With cream cheese and pecan included, the cake is a must try.

7.Black Forest Cake

Another classic hit, Black Forest is a delectable chocolate and vanilla combination with Kirsch liquor. The cake has a filling and embellishment of maraschino cherries.

8.Italian Cream Cake

The moist cake is filled with sweetened shredded coconut and pecans. The frosting is that of whipped cream cheese. The lightness of the cake makes it a perfect after-meal pick.

9.Toffee Pudding Cake

This cake is made rich with dates and caramel sauce. This glorious cake is a popular holiday dessert that makes everyone swoon over it with its rich, buttery taste.

  1. Candy Cane CheesecakeThis cake screams Christmas like none other. Top the cake with crushed candy canes or candy cane sticks, and it is sure to match the aura of the festivity. This cake is usually peppermint spiked and layered with white frosting.

11.Gingerbread Latte Cake

Transform the classic Christmas gingerbread cake into a holiday treat with a refreshing twist. The usual gingerbread spice cake is spiked with richly whipped latte buttercream and is sprinkled with fine coffee on the top.

12.S’mores Cake

The S in the S’mores means ‘some more.’ The classic combo of chocolate and marshmallow takes the Christmas treat to the next level. The graham cracker cake has toasted marshmallow on the top.

So put a delicious spin to your festive night dessert with these special Christmas cakes, and your guests are sure to remember it for a long time to come.