Most Successful Manufacturing Business Ideas

Small scale manufacturing businesses have contributed significantly to the growing economy of India. A large number of entrepreneurs are willing to establish a small scale manufacturing business owing to the profits associated with it. There are several production business ideas that need very less investment. Proper execution of these ideas can help the business flourish in the long run. 

Listed below are some of the most successful manufacturing business ideas that you can consider working on:


  • If you have an interest in baking, you can consider establishing your own bakery. For your bakery business to be successful, you should select the right food product and have a proper marketing strategy.
  • Depending on the demand and financial aspect, you will be required to select specific products for your bakery business.

Manufacturing of plastic bottles

  • The plastic products manufacturing business has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. 
  • Before starting up with the manufacturing of plastic bottles you should have ample knowledge in injection moulding and manufacturing.
  • You would also need to take care of some legal formalities like getting up your legal documents ready, factory license number, GST number, etc.

Fertilizer Manufacturing

  • India is the third-largest manufacturer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the world. Fertilizer manufacturing can be started with little investment with compost fertilizer from waste items.
  • Once you understand the business of fertilizer manufacturing, you can consider expanding it to earn greater profits.

Electrical fitting production

  • Electricity has reached almost every household in the country. Due to this, there is an increasing demand for electrical fitting production in the market. 
  • With small investments, you can start up an electrical fitting production and earn great profits for yourself.

Furniture making

  • Investing in furniture business can be a profitable deal as it has never-ending demand in schools, colleges, offices, and homes. 
  • Therefore, if you have sufficient space, you can consider establishing a business of furniture making by hiring skilled workers. 

Carpet Making

  • If you have a creative mindset, you can also consider starting a carpet making company. 
  • Make sure that you have an interest as well as required skills before engaging in the business of carpet making. 

Energy drink production

  • India is a young country wherein a lot of people are involved in sports. Moreover, people are also getting cautious about their physique and hence, they are hitting the gym in large numbers. All these factors have contributed heavily to the rising popularity of energy drinks. 
  • Therefore, energy drink production is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas. However, it is to be noted that energy drink production may require a huge capital along with strong product promotion strategy.

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