3 Lawn Care Tips for Your Yard

Choose the Right Type of Grass

If you’re starting afresh with your lawn, be sure to choose the proper type of grass or grass alternative for your yard. Depending on your climate, annual rainfall, and soil type, certain types of grass will be easily cared for in your yard while others will die easily. Bountiful, Utah, is particularly dry compared to other climates, so consider grass types and alternatives that do well without much water. Kentucky bluegrass is ideal for lawns in the Northwest, as it recovers well from droughts, cold, and foot traffic. It generally takes only thirty days to sprout. Tall fescue, a cool-season perennial from Europe, is the best option for Northeastern states and thrives when planted in September. Its deep roots help it to survive foot traffic and droughts. As for Southeastern states, Zoysia grass and St. Augustine grass grow the best. These particular grass types thrive in dry, sunny areas and should be planted in April. Bermuda grass and buffalo grass are the best choices for Southwestern and midwestern states. Both types are easily cared for in sunny areas and grow well when planted in April or May.

Determine How Often to Water Your Lawn

Depending on your location, your lawn may benefit from an irrigation system, sprinkler system, or regular watering. However, certain soils and grasses do just fine on their own without any water care aside from occasional rain. These soils and grasses are great options for homes in Bountiful’s dry climate. If your yard does require watering, most yards benefit the most from water between five and ten AM. If you’re not sure how much water your yard requires, don’t risk underwatering or overwatering. Both scenarios can be unhealthy and even detrimental for your lawn. Instead, contact a professional lawn care company, such as All Seasons Landscaping in Bountiful, to give you specific details on your local watering recommendations and install any necessary watering systems to care for your yard.

Mow Your Lawn Carefully and Regularly

Many people in Bountiful go weeks or even months without mowing their lawn due to weather conditions or mere forgetfulness. As a result, they tend to hack their grass as short as possible when the time to mow does come. However, cutting your grass too short can cause a lot of problems. Grass that is too short puts extra pressure on the turf, which can negatively impact your yard in the long run. Ideally, you should adjust your mower blades to cut off ⅓ of your grass’s length. Be sure to care for your lawn mower by cleaning the undercarriage regularly to prevent pulling or tearing your grass.

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