Educational Toys for Kids Who Love Astronomy

The moon is a fascinating object in the night sky. The earth has only one moon, as compared to the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, which has over 70 moons. It makes one wonder what the night sky would look like on earth if it had half that number of planetary bodies circling it. In any case, there is plenty of interesting features on the moon we do have to make it interesting.

Humans have visited the moon exactly 6 times. In a very short time span that began in 1969, the United States landed people on the lunar surface, had them carry out various exploratory and experimental tasks, and retrieved them safely. Given the time limits and technology of the day, it was impossible for the astronauts to thoroughly explore and map the surface of the moon. Fortunately, the many satellite missions that we have launched since then have been able to accomplish this task.

As a result, the topography of the moon has been thoroughly mapped. We now have an accurate and in-depth understanding of the lunar surface. And the information gathered is fascinating.

The latest research into cosmology, astrophysics, and the other sciences that deal with the development and evolution of the solar system suggests that the earth and its moon came into being together. Over hundreds of millions of years, each body continuously affected the other and helped shape the various land masses that formed.

The planet earth was the larger body, and it developed an atmosphere, water, and a range of other features that have allowed life to emerge. The moon did not, and remains essentially a dead planet. But the surface of the moon is very similar to the surface of the earth if you removed the water and atmosphere. The moon is filled with basins and great stretches of geographically defined structures similar to the earth’s ocean floors.

If you have always had an interest in astronomy or have a child who has shown such interest, then you may want a topographically accurate moon globe. These are now available, and they come in a variety of quite beautiful models. Having such a globe will bring the moon alive. It will become more than a mere grey body in the daytime sky or a glowing orb of light in the evening. The accuracy and detail of such a globe can provide hours or even days of pleasure, as you learn all there is to know about the surface of the moon.

In fact, you can learn a great deal about earth’s topography by familiarizing yourself with that of the moon. The topography of the one has a great deal in common with the topography of the other, and it can be intellectually stimulating and pleasing to make such comparisons.

It is important to work with a vendor that specializes in selling such globes. You want a globe that is made of the highest quality, and that is thorough and accurate. Having a topographical moon globe can make quite the conversation piece in your home.