If you feel like you’ve been needing some fresh content to look forward to watching — especially of the fantastical variety — then the streaming gods have delivered.

November saw the release of several big-budget adaptations of beloved stories and characters, all of which will likely become sources of conversation during the holidays. When it comes to getting through the holidays, arguing about escapist TV shows is always better than arguing about politics, so why not come prepared!

Here are three new shows debuting on streaming services guaranteed to offer a fun night in front of the TV and generate conversation for the whole family.

“The Wheel of Time” on Amazon Prime

This sprawling and expensive new fantasy epic from Amazon Prime will draw immediate comparisons to “Game of Thrones” — and for good reason.

The show only exists because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos told the studio to make him a fantasy TV epic equal to GOT, and reports indicate that the company has already outspent HBO in terms of the cost-per-episode.

The first three episodes of the show have already been released. Early reviews have mostly given the show mediocre ratings, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from giving it a try. “Game of Thrones” was hardly an overnight hit, receiving plenty of negative criticism during its first season (and let’s face it, continued controversy right up to the finale).

The Wheel of Time is an adaptation of a beloved fantasy series that spanned a jaw-dropping 14 books. Showrunner Rafe Judkins had a tough job trying to adapt the longest fantasy series of all time, but fans have mostly received the show warmly.

If nothing else, the production values are sky-high, making the show well worth a try.

“The good news for fantasy-hungry viewers is that this lush and ambitious series quickly approaches “Thrones,” and even Peter Jackson’s Tolkien films, in grandeur and polish,” The New York Times wrote.

“Cowboy Bebop” – Netflix

When “Cowboy Bebop” aired in 1998, it was almost instantly hailed as perhaps the greatest anime TV show ever made. Show creator Shinichiro Watanabe has become a legend among not only anime lovers, but filmmakers and artists of all kinds. Director Quentin Tarantino, actor and comedian Robin Williams and author Orson Scott Card have all cited “Cowboy Bebop” as a major influence on their work.

Now we have Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the show to add to the mix, starring John Cho as the famous bounty hunter Spike, and bringing back Watanabe as a consultant and Yoko Kanno as the composer who wrote the jazz-inflected soundtrack of the original show.

Like “The Wheel of Time,” this show is adapting a beloved creative property with a fandom spanning decades. That’s always tricky, and these kinds of adaptations are never able to please everyone.

While early reviews of the show have been mixed, most reviewers have allowed that fans of the original show will find something to enjoy here, even if the delivery isn’t always consistent.

“I don’t envy the pressure of filmmakers asked to adapt anything with a big following, and I think [showrunner] André Nemec had an especially tough job, as live-action anime adaptations are notoriously difficult,” said Canadian filmmaker and entrepreneur Bardya Ziaian. “It’s always a good idea to try and go into these shows with few expectations and an open mind.”

“Hawkeye” – Disney+

The latest Marvel Studios spinoff show premieres on Disney+ on Thanksgiving. Like nearly any Marvel property, it will certainly become a topic of conversation over the holidays, whether it’s with your 12-year-old nephew or 50-year-old uncle.

Jeremy Renner has long been a fan-favorite as the bow-and-arrows-wielding superhero Hawkeye. But like many of the other big heroes that have finally moved on and away from Marvel, the studio has a plan for passing the baton — or in this case the high-tech bow.

That plan is to create spinoff TV shows that allow the old heroes to meet the younger generation of actors/heroes meant to replace them. In this case, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye becomes the grizzled veteran to Kate Bishop, the new “greatest archer in the world” and the clear inheritor of the Hawkeye moniker. The Kate Bishop character is straight out of Marvel comics, and the show’s trailer promises plenty of the wise-cracking action that fans have come to expect from the franchise.

The series has a Christmas-themed adventure, making this an excellent choice to watch with family over the holidays.

There’s plenty to stream over this holiday season, so try and relax with these stellar options.