4 Safety Tips For Using LPG Gas When Cooking at Home

Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases (propane and butane). There are also many uses in LPG in cooking food, heating appliances, and for the vehicle. You might not notice it, but LPG is an everyday item you can find inside your home. Your parents might even say when you were younger not to play with it because they are flammable. Although LPG in Singapore can be dangerous to use, we can’t deny that it’s a daily necessity for modern living.

Especially now that it’s the holiday season, most people will cook different meals on the upcoming special days. It means they’ll use more of the LPG to prepare the food. And, if you’re part of the culinary festivities, make sure you know the safety tips on using your gas supply in Singapore.

Before cooking for the family, familiarise yourself with these tips for safer LPG usage for the festive season.

Basic Facts About LPG

Since your goal is to achieve safe usage for the LPG in Singapore, you must educate yourself about the basic facts you need to know. Without this, you might not know the reason why a certain precautionary measure is a must. For better understanding, here are some facts you definitely should read now:


  • It’s Highly Flammable – Keep in mind that there should be no ignition sources around your LPG. Ensure that the LPG location is clear from flammable objects, such as lighters, matches, alcohol, and smoking sticks.
  • It’s Odourless and Colourless – It’s not easy to detect LPG, so when a leak happens, trust your nose to detect the smell of LPG. You can open the windows or call the manufacturer for emergency repair.
  • Empty Containers are Still Dangerous – If you find an available gas cylinder in Singapore, you should avoid flammable objects within the container. The residue of the gas can still be dangerous for igniting a fire. Better keep those containers in safe places or give them back to the manufacturer.
  • Heavier Than Air – When a gas cylinder leaks inside a container room, people can experience suffocation. LPG is substantial than air, so it’s more difficult to disperse compared to cleaner air.
  • Floats on Water- You can detect LPG when mixing it with water because it will float on top. Since LPG is lighter than the water, you can immediately notice if the water has contamination.

Now that you know some basic facts about LPG in Singapore. It would be best to move forward with learning the safety tips about using your gas cylinder as you cook, heat appliances, or use your vehicle. With this, you can ensure that your family is out of harm’s way. Better continue reading for more information.


Safety Usage Tips for Your LPG Gas

Cooking for your family is one of the best gifts you can give. Preparing a home-cooked meal makes it more delicious because you cooked it with heart. However, don’t forget to consider your LPG usage to ensure safety for the whole family. It would help if you also were mindful of the gas cylinder or industrial LPG gas cylinder for increased protection as you cook for them. To do this, here are some safety tips you need to follow:


1) Never Leave Unattended

When you’re cooking for the family, don’t be too relaxed about leaving the LPG unattended. It’s better to turn them off when there are no people who will supervise the kitchen. If you’re living alone, focus on your cooking and avoid doing other activities. It’s better to cook when you don’t have any work or assignments to do. This way, you can focus on preparing the meals.

Plus, unattended LPG is the main reason why kitchen fires happen. Hence, have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen, so when an accident happens, you can quickly extinguish the flames. Also, educate your family members to never leave the LPG or gas cylinder without supervision if they’re cooking.

2) Always Put LPG in Standing Position

Don’t store the gas cylinders in other positions except for standing or upright positions. With this, you can ensure that the valves are safe at the top of the cylinder. If you store the gas cylinder improperly, it may leak some gas and lead to some accidents. Hence, it’s essential to be careful when storing your LPG or using it in the kitchen.

To maintain safety, regularly inspect the LPG if its position is still standing. There are factors, such as rush movements, vibrations or accidents, that can change the part of your LPG. That’s why you must check it every day to correct the placing of the gas cylinder. Doing so will lead to more safe usage of the gas.

3) Ensure Kitchen Equipment Quality

To further ensure safety, make sure to check the quality of your kitchen equipment. If you use low-quality equipment, it can affect the performance of your gas supply, or worse, it may lead to accidents. Also, avoid using equipment with rust or flammable parts because it can be risky for the LPG. The best way to prevent this complication is to look for a reliable kitchen equipment supplier.

In doing so, you’ll be able to know that the items are safe around your LPG or gas supply. On top of this, make sure that the LPG supplier is also reliable. You can ask for their LPG gas delivery to avoid damage during the transit. Keep in mind that high-quality items will lead to a safer cooking experience.

4) Partner With Reliable LPG Supplier

Most importantly, it’s better to partner with a reliable LPG supplier because they are experts in this gas. They will also offer services, such as emergency repair and LPG gas delivery for customer satisfaction. As you partner with them, you can also ensure that the LPG is safe for cooking or any activity that needs gas. Since they have established experience in the LPG industry, they will only give their customers what’s best.

Be safe when using a gas cylinder or industrial LPG gas cylinder from SingGas in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about their LPG gas delivery.