H2 Maths: Some Tips about Hiring an H2 Maths Tutor

What is H2 Mathematics?

H2 Mathematics stands for Higher-2 Mathematics. It is a subject offered by junior colleges (JC) in Singapore. H2 Maths is crucial for students that aspire to take university courses like medicine, dentistry, engineering, architecture and economics. The subject covers topics including functions & graphs, sequences & series, vectors, complex numbers, calculus, probability and statistics.

Difference Between H1, H2 and H3 Maths

Students that enter JC will choose to take H1, H2 or H3 math, whether they get tuition or not. These subjects are indicative of the weight of the syllabus each covers. H1 has the lightest load, while H3 has the heaviest. However, there is a required subject combination for “A” level students:

  • 3 H2 content-based subjects
  • 1 H1 content-based subjects (it has to contrast the 3 H2 subjects in comparison)
  • Compulsory H1 subjects – General Paper, Project Work, Mother Tongue

H3 subjects are not mandatory in JC. These subjects are taken by and distinguish top students. Most students that take H3 subjects use it to get ahead of the bell curve and attain an advantage in university admissions.

Taking H2 Maths Tuition

Many students struggle to understand mathematics. Fortunately, there is a solution if you are one of those who find it difficult to get good marks in H2 maths no matter how hard you try. There are many individuals, companies and institutions that offer H2 math tuition from all over Singapore.

However, it is not always easy to find a maths tutor who will meet your needs. You need to consider many things and understand that different tutors teach differently. The maths tutor you get should be compatible with your learning style, or you might end up more confused than when you were on your own.

The maths tutor you hire can either serve as a stimulus and a motivator of your latent knowledge. The best H2 mathstutor you can hire are those that do not simply transfer knowledge but allow students to understand the concepts on their own. Any student will benefit from engaging with a knowledgeable tutor. They should be committed to learning maths, whether they are attending the best H2 math tuition in Singapore or getting a one-on-one session. However, getting a one-on-one session is more intensive.

Challenges H2 Maths Might Pose

Several difficult topics like calculus, complex numbers and vectors are covered by H2 maths. It is crucial to have in-depth understanding and mastery to tackle questions in a shorter amount of time. To make it worse, the learning curve in JC is steep due to the relatively short period.

The first year of JC passes by in a flash for many students. Many that were not able to keep up have to repeat another year in JC. Fortunately, one can prepare for the academic rigour of H2 maths. Engage with an H2 maths tutor to improve your understanding and confidence in the subject. Find a Maths tuition in Singapore that has smaller class sizes and dedicated curriculum support. It will let you clarify any doubts coming from the topic. The best tutor for you is the one that can cater their lessons to your learning preferences.


What to Look for in a Good H2 Maths Tutor

It is crucial to find a tutor who will teach you maths in a method that is correct for your situation. Many students find that their H2 maths tutor focuses on formulas and concepts without explaining the underlying principles. Most of them forget that maths is about identifying the problems and solving them.

Most students who are not interested in Maths fail to understand its value in their lives. A good maths tutor can make students realise that there is nothing to be scared of and that it is only a way to uncover the world.

Here are six characteristics that a maths tutor needs to possess.

#1 Excellent Knowledge of Maths

The tutor should have achieved distinction for A-Level H2 maths. They should also excel at higher level maths like further Maths. Many math tutors possess an engineering or mathematics degree.

#2 Full-Time Tutors

Most full-time maths tutors possess at least three years of experience. They should be very familiar with the syllabus. An experienced tutor would have taught the subject and topic multiple times to different students.

#3 Humble

Humble tutors should not display feelings of superiority while teaching their students.

#4 Patience and Persistence

Oftentimes, tutors must repeat topics, concepts and lessons to a student several times. They also have to try different solutions and concepts before a student can understand.

#5 Effective Teacher

They should be able to explain concepts. They should also convey ideas simply and clearly.

#6 Have Good Track Records

Tutors should present a record of how many students they have helped improve. They should be able to provide testimonials of them helping their students improve.


Most JC Maths tuition centres all over Singapore offer free trial courses if you would like to be exposed to H2 Maths before JC begins. You can determine through exposure whether you can cope with the subject. Getting H2 math tuition is beneficial whether you think you can handle the subject or not.

Students amid H2 or H1 maths can correct their understanding of mathematics through the tutorial sessions. Your H2 maths tutor can let you understand formulas, theories and topics better through your lessons. Do your research and look for the JC Maths tuition centre most fitting for you in terms of pricing and schedule.

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