While summer is over, learning how to prepare to travel outdoors during the blazing heat should keep you away from dealing with common stoma problems. Whether you’re planning to pile up your stoma care supplies or learning the right bag-switching methods in an efficient way, having confidence and knowledge are both crucial factors. It should not be too difficult for any ostomates. Getting used to and learning one or two practical things can go a long shot.

So, if you are gearing yourself up early for next year’s outdoor travel during summer, here are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid stoma-related problems:

Keep yourself hydrated

Getting yourself hydrated is one of the most crucial factors for everyone, not just for ostomates. While you might be busy buying and preparing ostomy care, you should never overlook stockpiling enough water to keep yourself hydrated for a day (depending on how long you plan to stay outdoors).

Protect yourself from the sun

The heat during the summer period can be dangerous enough to damage your skin. Hence it’s also vital to consider bringing a sun-block or UV protection suntan lotion, whether you’re staying outdoors or going out for a beach swim. Always carry them inside your bag, aside from your ostomy bag and supplies.

Stock on supplies ahead of time

Preparing your supplies and everything you need a month or a few weeks before the trip ensures you have everything you need beforehand. Make sure that you contact your supplier on time if you’re relying on a third-party provider, or check to see the shipping estimates if you’re buying supplies online.

Learn how to pack efficiently

Efficiency is key, especially if you need to bring a number of stoma supplies apart from your typical ostomy bag and other travelling essentials. Have everything down to a list and split them into a different suitcase or luggage, so you’ll have a few spares in case something is lost.

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