Service Apartments In Singapore: Why Are They Perfect For Group Travellers?


Have you tried travelling in groups? Perhaps, for your clan’s grand family reunion? Or maybe for your company’s team-building activity. Nevertheless, vacation is way cheaper when you travel in groups. And during trips, the top choice for lodging is a hotel. But did you know that service apartments in Singapore are much better for group travel?

Here are the reasons why group travellers should choose affordable service apartments in Singapore:

1. Plenty amount of space

A spacious room is crucial for several travellers. If you want a sizable hotel room, you must pay for an expensive hotel suite. But if you want a cheaper option that still gives you plenty of space, you should choose serviced apartments.

You can find a 3-bedroom serviced apartment in Singapore complete with a spacious living room and fully functioning kitchen.

2. Better privacy

Unlike a hotel room with multiple beds in one room, a short-term rental serviced apartment in Singapore offers more privacy with its walled rooms. If you are three families travelling in a group, you can opt for a service apartment with three bedrooms with the living room and kitchen as communal space.

3. Fully functioning kitchen

Most people travel in groups to reduce their expenses. Having lodging that allows you to cook your own food helps you save money! Instead of eating in expensive restaurants with tourist-priced menus, go to the market, buy ingredients, and cook your meals!

You can spend the money you saved on souvenirs and other tourist activities!

4. Affordable accommodation

The benefits you can get from service apartments in Singapore, such as spacious rooms and other facilities and amenities, are also available in premium hotel rooms, but the price is significantly higher.

Serviced apartments are already affordable, but the best news is that the group can still split the bill into much smaller bits and pieces, making them the most affordable option.

If you plan to travel in groups in the near future, choose service apartments in Singapore!

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