Taking good care of your hair is crucial after colouring it with harmful dyes or subjecting it to rebonding treatment. Ensure your newly-treated hair stays nice and fresh for as long as possible. Choosing the best products to use on your hair is the first step to ensuring your hair is in top condition. The following are four tips on keeping your tresses pristine as if you only came back from the salon.

#1 Wash It Less Often

It is best to wait two days before washing your hair after getting most treatments. The result can be even better if you wait longer after hair colouring or rebonding before washing it. It lets the dye or treatment have enough time to set. Hence, it is best to wash your hair less since hair products and water can make the treatments and dye fade faster.

#2 Look for Sulfate-Free Shampoos

It is best to avoid using clarifying shampoos and other products heavy in surfactants like sulphate. It is notorious for accelerating the fading of dye from your hair. Moreover, sulphate can also alter the binding of the protein bonds in your hair. Investing in sulphate-free hair care products is your best bet. It will help you to wash your hair and remove filth and extra oil without stripping away the colour or treatment that keeps your hair soft after rebonding treatment at a Singapore salon.

#3 Use Conditioner

Make hair masks and treatments part of your hair care routine, especially if you colour or frequently rebond your hair. It will shield your hair from damage and make it appear gleaming and soft until your next rebonding or colouring at a Singapore salon.

#4 Not Too Much Heat

Avoid heat as much as possible in the first few days or weeks after hair colouring or rebonding, whether from direct sunshine, tools, or hot water. The heat will cause your hair colour or the treatment to fade faster. It can also cause more hair damage. Raymond and Anthony established Black Hair Salon in 2000. The salon took inspiration from its love for fashion and beauty. Black Hair Salon is the culmination of their desires to provide the best services to its devoted clientele. The salon and its staff use innovation to guarantee each customer has a tailored experience and leaves the salon with a look that emanates originality and confidence. Visit Black Hair Salon’s website  to learn more about the establishment, its services, including hair colouring and rebonding, and its price list.