40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Turning to the big 4-0 is a huge chapter in a man’s life, a milestone that is worth celebrating.  Celebrating his path to this point in life, where he is clearer of his life goals and his life is stabilised to a certain extent.  Celebrating that he will have more time in his hands now to look at other pursuits, to make his life in his forties more exciting and meaningful.

Hence, no matter what relationship you are with this forty year old man, you will want to buy a special birthday gift to mark this important point is his life

We have the below list of some of the 40th birthday gift ideas for your consideration, so that your recipient will be elated by your special gift and your gift buying experience will be hassle free.

  1. Gifts related to their pursuits

With more time in their hands, they will be able to pursue their interests, something which they have been holding back in their twenties and thirties, when they are spending time on other priorities.

Buying a gift related to their pursuits is timely and functional.

If they are into travelling, buy gifts that they can bring for their travels.  For example, a stylish weekend bag, complete with the packing cubes is an ideal gift if they are into short weekend getaways.  Toiletries organiser for them to pack their hygiene items in an orderly manner is a gift worth considering too.

For those avid sports enthusiasts, presenting them with a gift related to their sports interest is sure to bring a smile to them.  For golfers, a golf set or golf balls imprinted with special messages is a handy gift.  For swimmers, a swimmers backpack with microfiber towel and pair of googles show the thoughtfulness of your gift.

  1. Gifts marking his life journey

Everyone loves to have their fond memories cemented.  It will be sentimental to present him a gift with memories in his twenties and thirties to remind him of his achievements and accomplishments and to give him a nice pat on this back for coming this far.  This is especially important if you are buying a present for your husband. You may consider doing a scrap book containing photos of his past important events and occasions.  One of the best 40th birthday gift for husband you may also consider customising a wood board adorned with meaningful phrases and photos of memories that are worth remembering.

  1. Gifts that are related to time

To mark the important big 4-0 in his life, it will be thoughtful to buy him a watch to indicate this important chapter in his life.  The type of watch to buy depends on his lifestyle and his personality.  If he is an outdoor person, buying him an adventure watch which has the modern features such as GPS, thermometer and more is a suitable watch considering.  If he is holding on a corporate job, which requires him to uphold a certain image, buying him a versatile dress watch which matches most of his outfit is more suitable.

With the above gift ideas in mind, you will have a pleasant shopping experience.