Why You Should Choose a Tinted Concrete Sealer?

A tinted concrete sealer is appealing to the eye besides it undertaking the full duties of a sealer. A tinted sealer offers flexibility in providing the desired effect which can either be decorative intended or be done to hide flaws. Water-based sealers allow one to see through the unlike solvent-based sealers. If the sealer properly clings to the surface, tinted concrete sealer can be applied to surface which was initially coloured. Tinting your concrete sealer increases its durability by hindering chlorides and water from penetrating to the inside of the concrete. Not all concrete sealers need to be tinted even though sealing them makes the colour to seem heavier.  This adds to the beauty of the concrete making them more elegant and attractive.

A tinted concrete sealer produces a variety of colour pigments which give a brand new look to floors, driveways or garages which have lost their colours over the years. This protects the surfaces from staining, damage and corrosion.

Why use a tinted concrete sealer?

The concrete longevity is increased

A Tinted concrete sealer is protected from moisture and chemicals and is more resistant to wear. The sealing helps prevent the entry of materials like dust from the outside by ensuring they just remain on the outside ready to be wiped out. This means that the concrete below remains untouched and safe. This gradually increases the concrete’s expectancy. Tinted concrete sealer may, however, fade with years of long use and depending with the type of sealer used. But remember you will never regret investing in the tinted concrete sealer.

It is pocket-friendly

This sealer does not really strain your pocket as they are cost-effective. Their prices, however, differ depending on the quality of the sealer used, the size of the floor you want to be sealed and whether you apply the seal by yourself or you hire a sealing company for the service. Purchasing the necessary materials and paying the labourers might cost you a lot of money, but this only happens once. A sealed floor will serve for many years without losing its beauty. This is because the floor is protected from oil spills and this adds value to your home.

Sealing helps reduce cracking and flaking

Tinted concrete sealer protects surfaces from cracking and falling away.  This is because the sealer strengthens the surface and acts as a block between the surface and the unbearable weather conditions. This is because the holes are filled and they cannot allow anything to enter through them. The blocked pores of the concrete either prevent sucking up of salt and water or form a waterproof layer which hinders such materials from passing.

Experts’ advice surfaces to be sealed so that their durability can increase. Surfaces which are not sealed end up corroding, flaking, discolour and spall due to the moisture absorbed by the concrete. Floors and driveways should be sealed after every five years to prolong their life and protect them from water penetration. Two layers of sealer are required to be applied. The first layer is absorbed by the floor leaving it unattractive and the second one gives the floor an attractive appearance. Remember that concrete related problems are better prevented than solved.