5 Killer Off-Grid Water Filteration Methods For Hassle-Free Set-Up

Probably, you have heard people talk about an “off-grid water system”. But what does filtering off-grid water mean in reality?  For a good idea of a simple off-grid water system, check out Aqua Bare.

It means you don’t rely on the electrical network, follow local building laws or depend on monthly garbage gathering services.

It means you don’t need to reply to all the luxuries of the modern home.

But, it’s not only about surviving without water & electricity. But, it requires a huge amount of creativity, and the ability to adopt an unknown way of life.

If you need your water supply, you need to know how to reduce the impurities that can make you sick.

5 Simple Off-Grid Water Filteration Methods

You can improve your water’s quality by following reliable off-grid water filtration methods.

#1 – Sunlight water purification

If you are looking for an effective method of off-grid water treatment, Solar sterilization is the best option. It can be used in emergencies, especially when no chemical bactericides are available. The ultraviolet rays are used to activate the pathogens available in the water.

In this method, water is poured into transparent plastic bottles and then exposed to the sun’s rays for a complete day. Make sure you use clear water to get effective results.

#2 – Sand filtration process

Off-grid water systems with sand filtration offer the chances of slow or pressure processing. On the other hand, the filtration of pressurized sand pumps the water via the same amount of sand to 40 liters per minute. It is an economical way to filter the off-grid water and remove bacteria from your water.

#3 – Water purification straw

Facing an emergency and find yourself looking for the best off-grid water filtration method and then simply find a straw. After finding a straw, look for some cotton, activated charcoal, and a coffee filter. But Why? This is how you develop a straw filter!

#4 – Evaporation trap water filter

Evaporation is the method of off-grid water filtration that works when the water evaporates from the bottom up and summarizes in the lid. The fall in a mid-way ensures that the water drips the container. Undoubtedly, this method is not the fastest way to get clean water. But, if you are emergency, it can save more lives.

#5 – DIY gravity water filter

If you are looking for an easy & practical way to filter water naturally, a DIY gravity water filter is the right option. With these techniques, you can create your water filter by gravity with two bellows and a pack of chlorine dioxide cleansing tablets.

You just need to fill your dirty water bottle directly from a river or lake. Then add your chlorine tablet to the water before fixing your clean water bottle to the Aquamira filter. It means that the filter’s other side is directly connected to your drink water tank. DIY gravity water filtration method is also ideal if you have rainwater harvesting systems.

With this method, you don’t need to keep your water clean on the floor. Then wait for about half an hour when it will filter a few liters of clean water for you.

The Final Thought!

So, these are some common off-grid water filtration methods. By using one of these methods, you can make your water ideal for drinking and gardening purposes.