Wooden terraces: ideas and tips for a natural exterior

Wood is a material that provides a lot of freshness and naturalness. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the materials chosen for the most popular terrace area. But how are wooden terraces decorated?

Choosing the material for the terrace furniture: When choosing the furniture for the terrace, you must take into account the sun and the high temperatures of spring and summer. The recommended materials are aluminum, the polypropylene, the synthetic fiber or polyethylene. These types of materials are light and resistant.

The terrace table:  The table is the essential furniture for the terrace, better if it is extendable. You can choose between a more classic version which is the wooden table or a more modern one in polyethylene. The wooden table creates a choice of continuity with the rest of the terrace, but you have to choose an outdoor model, capable of resisting atmospheric agents. The iron table can give a very elegant touch to the terrace. The tables aluminum or any other synthetic material tend to be cheaper and more practical but are equally well on a terrace if you get to combine with other decorative elements.

Old furniture on the terrace:  When a terrace is furnished, it can be the good time to take advantage of those old furniture that is kept in the storage room. Restoring an old piece of furniture such as a wooden table and putting it on the terrace is a way to save money and give the terrace a vintage touch. For example an old wooden ladder can be fixed to the wall and will be very useful for climbing plants.

Plants, essential on the terrace:  You plant a lot! A terrace without green is not a terrace. Even if it is only a green corner, the plants cannot be absent. In addition to creating shadows, they make the space more livable and are ideal for creating a relaxing space where you can enjoy lying in a hammock and sun loungers. For the pots you can choose between fiber and terracotta. Choose it in different sizes and colors to give a touch of movement and joy to the space. And if the terrace has a roof, you can hang some pots.

The moment of the barbecue on the terrace:  And how are you going to have a terrace without a barbecue? On sale there are many portable charcoal barbecues. No installation will be required. Just the charcoal, the meat, the friends, and a few beers.

The importance of lighting:  The best lighting for the terrace is a soft, indirect light that creates a relaxing atmosphere at night. Some points of light oriented on the floor or pendant lamps. An ecological idea are solar lamps that do not need electricity because during the day they are recharged by the sun. The ideal is to hide them in the pots with the plants. If there is a pool on the terrace, opt for the floating lamps. And never forget the citronella candles, which in addition to lighting, keep mosquitoes away from your terrasse bois.