5 Places to go on your next date

A fun and adventurous way to meet new people and find out what you’re looking for in a partner is through dating. But, when you’ve exhausted all your resources on the perfect dates in those first few months of meeting someone new, what’s there left to do? Here are 5 things you should consider doing for your next date.

Learn something new

A great date idea you may not have thought of is to plan a date where you take a class learning something new. It could be a piano lesson, a cooking class, sculpting, painting, or even a book club. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure it’s something you both will enjoy so you have memories for years to come.

And, for those who are on a budget, check out your local library, community center, or chamber of commerce to find places where they host these events for free or really cheap.

Go camping

Another fun date idea is to go camping. After all, they say if you find your partner attractive after they’ve not showered, smell, and/or are covered in sweat from head to toe, then they are a keeper. For those who do not live near a public park, plan a camping trip in your backyard.

Host a drinking game

For those of you who like to drink a glass of wine, beer, or mixed beverage with your partner host a drinking game as your date night. You can keep it PG by playing family-friendly games or go a little more extravagant with games like beer pong, charades, and Cards of Humanity.

Try a new restaurant

For the foodies out there, trying a new restaurant is a great way to make memories of experiencing new food. If it’s a first date, a restaurant is also a great place to be publicly should something not go as planned and you need to escape the date early.

Go to a sports game

If you’re on a budget and you both like to watch sports, try going to a local game at a college or high school together. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy watching the sport without breaking the bank.