Parents and schools sometimes only worry about the safety of their students inside the campus, but how about outside? Parents hire a school bus to fetch kids from home to school instead of letting them commute by themselves for more convenience and protection. But did you know a school bus tracking system can enhance their safety more?

Here are the reasons why investing in a fleet management system for school buses in Singapore is worth it:

1.) Improved security

It is a sigh of relief if parents can track their kids once they are out of the house and off to school. The GPS tracker for kids in Singapore allows parents to get real-time updates about their children’s whereabouts. They can see if they arrive at school or home safely.

2.) Route optimisation

One top advantage of a fleet management system in Singapore is it allows transport managers to optimise routes for their drivers.

The system identifies the shortest route possible, considering the students’ addresses, road closures, and more. It saves transport managers time and fuel costs.

3.) Driver monitoring

IoT companies in Singapore that design these fleet management systems add useful features, such as speeding and idling detection. It can determine if the driver has exceeded the speed limit or pulled over for unauthorised or unnecessary stops.

It enhances the safety of the student and saves time and fuel costs.

4.) Timely maintenance

A fleet management system in Singapore keeps track of the servicing dates and alerts the drivers and transport managers if it is time for maintenance.

Some advanced systems can detect issues with the school bus that need immediate attention.

5.) Real-time update

Parents can get real-time alerts on whether their children have boarded or left the bus, if the bus has taken a detour, and update them about the estimated arrival time. That way, the parents can reach the pick-up location in time.

These are only a few of many reasons why transport managers should invest in a school bus tracking system.

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