5 Simple Daycare Fundraising Ideas

Organizing a fundraiser for daycare is commonly practiced, especially in the USA. Although not a compulsory education in the USA, daycare is essentially important in preparing kids, not just for school readiness but also strengthen both emotional and social development. Daycare can be costly and that is why many parents are searching for daycare fundraising ideas. Daycare fundraisers certainly help raise a huge amount of money. This is especially true if parents actually get behind the effort. It doesn’t matter much whether the fundraiser is for holding down tuition costs or if the fundraiser is for additional money to spend on school supplies. What matters is that the proceeds of the fundraiser will directly benefit the kids.

There is a very long list of daycare fundraising ideas. There are simple ones and there are also those which needs a lot of preparation. Fundraiser for kids need not be too costly to organize. Let’s skip the complicated ones and discuss five simple daycare fundraising ideas known as:

  1. Cookie Sale Fundraiser
  2. Set up Shop Fundraiser
  3. School Art Fundraiser
  4. Spare your Change Fundraiser
  5. Event Fundraiser

Cookie Sale Fundraiser

Almost every family in a community bakes their own cookies at home. You may hold a contest for the best tasting cookies. The winner gets a portion of the proceeds collected from the supporters of the campaign. Another idea is to ask willing families to donate homemade cookies. Collected cookies will be sold in bags with labels stating that the money raised will benefit daycare kids. Doing so attracts people to donate as they know their money is going down for a noble cause.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

Set up Shop Fundraiser

You raise money when you sell something. In a setup shop fundraiser, you can sell almost anything. It can be lemonade, old shoes, shirts, caps, or whatever pre-loved items you can find at home that is piling up in your closet. You can set up a rummage shop if you plan to sell different items. You may ask neighbors and friends to donate some of their unused items at home. You may arrange to share a portion of the proceed to them. Or, if they are willing, you can keep the full amount of money raised for the daycare fundraising project.

School Art Fundraiser

Kids love to do artworks, and with the school art fundraiser for kids, you get to challenge and enhance the creativity of your kids. For this fundraiser, you can simply ask to do some artwork. It can be as simple as a hand-drawn card, or hand-painted t-shirts. Any art will do. There are several ways to raise money from children’s artwork. One is to coordinate with the daycare school officials to set up a mini art gallery. You can set up a fee for every person who will enter the gallery to see the artwork. You may also add tag prices for each piece of artwork for interested buyers. Or better yet, ask each visitor a dollar for entrance and they can have one artwork that they may like.

Spare your Change Fundraiser

Penny, nickel, dime or a quarter, may seem to worth very little, but collectively they can add up to a huge amount of money. This daycare fundraiser can be simply done door-to-door in your neighborhood. However, if you want to raise more for your cause, you might consider coordinating with local businesses in your community. Ask them to place canisters in their establishments to collect money for your project. You may provide the canisters with labels stating about the fundraiser for kids. Collect the canisters when full and keep the money coming into your fundraiser.

Event Fundraiser

An event fundraiser doesn’t need to be a huge event or even cost so much. Organizing a simple family sports event in daycare school will draw money in your fundraising project. It will be a fun-filled day for the family, teachers and other school personnel. Prepare parlor games for the kids to enjoy. Organize mini Olympic events with the help of school coaches. Whatever games you could think of for everyone to enjoy will do. Remember, it has to be fun, especially for the kids. So how will the money roll in? One is to ask for a minimal fee for the participating families. Part of the fees collected will be used for the prizes. To get an even bigger collection is by reaching out to the big guys in your community. You may ask local businessmen and local officials to sponsor your event by chipping in cash donations.

You see, you can think of any idea to raise enough money for your fundraiser. There are no limits to what your creativity can do. Keep in mind that the success of your fundraiser mostly depends on the sponsors. So never forget to thank and acknowledge them all after the success of your daycare fundraising project.