5 tips on how to reinforce your internet at home

The main activity of these days remains the movement of the eyes from one screen to another, both on the smartphone and on the PC, on the PC on the TV and so on. We all spend a lot of time entertaining by watching sports online, movies or maybe even streaming anime online, so a strong internet connection on different devices is always the best. This vicious circle can no longer do without the internet, the valuable internet that we need so much for both entertainment and work.

But all this load is certainly not positive, giants like YouTube or Netflix have reduced the quality of their services just to withstand the large influx. However, even us in our homes can make some changes that will definitely be reflected in the quality.

So, in the article below, we will bring 5 ​​ways you can have the best internet:

1. Router position

Not all rooms are designed equally, in fact the room where the router is positioned directly affects the internet speed. Avoid the walls, the more in the center of the house the more equal the distribution of the signal. It usually depends a bit on the position of the internet outlet, but invest in a few meters of cable to put the router in the center and away from obstacles whether these books or furniture, in addition to blocking the signal, also prevent the ventilation of the device.

2. Update

In addition to the hardware side, your router also has software that sometimes requires updating. Just find the model of the device, enter the official website of the manufacturing company and search for the latest version of the router system.

3. Change the frequency

Interference of other signals is quite a problem, especially in populated areas.

If you have a dual-band router check which frequency you are operating on. Download the company app and try using the 5Ghz band instead of the more common 2.4Ghz. You will have less interference but also more speed.

However, it should be noted that 5Ghz coverage is much more collected than 2.4Ghz so this is mainly applied to smaller environments.

4. Add an antenna

If your router has an internal antenna the option of adding another external one will only bring good ones. Many companies sell additional antennas that are easily found everywhere, there are two types: omnidirectional which distribute waves equally in all directions, and directory which distribute them from where they are directed, so if one of the rooms suffers more direction there.

5. Buy a signal extension

If you have a pretty large environment and none of the above mentioned alternatives work, a signal extender would be a good solution. Your router can cover a certain distance, the bed is probably farther from the border, so such a device is placed between the router and the dark area. The signal will not be the same as that of the first lor source is better than nothing, if you connect it to a cable directly it would be the ideal solution.

That’s all! Hope you found it useful. Do you want more tips like this? Then make sure to check daily neoadviser.com for the latest updates.