5 Top Hot Anime you can Watch Online

In the recent past, ecchi anime is becoming popular among young teens. As this article is dedicated to discussing a few top hot anime on ecchi you should make it very clear that this genre doesn’t belong to Hentai or pornographic anime. Ecchi girl anime characters are sexy, smart, naughty, and badass. If you’re growing interest in ecchi recently then this list will help you. At Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and various other free websites you can watch anime onlineUnlike Hentai anime, ecchi has a proper and strong storyline that draws the attention of most viewers for quite some time. Still, don’t watch these anime in front of your parents!

Here’re the top 5 Hot Anime or Ecchi we have shortlisted considering the viewership & ratings

Testament of Sister New Devil

Here the primary character Basara has two hot stepsisters belonging to the demon realm. Lots of action and steamy scenes are incorporated in the series that is loved by teen anime fans. Besides, manga, anime series like Testament of Sister New Devil drives more young audiences that enjoy watching the steamy activities of characters like succubus and naked anime girls. To know more, you have to watch the series.

How to not summon a demon lord

This 2018 released popular anime is about a nerd obsessed with online games, gets transported into a game called Cross Reverie. He takes the form of his powerful Avatar Demon Lord and after the transportation, he meets two sensual girls Rem and Shera. However, as the enslavement spell went wrong, the girls were enslaved to him and they enjoyed an amorous episode. But, despite how the story flows, it is strong and appreciated by many okatus globally.

To Love Ru

Yuki Rito, a usual high school boy in love with Sairenji suddenly meets Lala, an alien princess claiming him to be her fiancée. This is a simple love triangle anime that is perfect for romance anime lovers. The sequel projects on the darker character of the twin sister of Lala along with a series of events concentrating on the trio.

If you want to watch a funny, easy-going, romantic, and sexy anime then aniwatch called To Love Ru online.

Prison School

All of a sudden, an all-girls school Hachimitsu Private Academy becomes co-ed and in the first semester, only five boys got admitted. These boys got caught watching some girls getting a shower in their school and were imprisoned inside the campus and is monitored by the underground student council. This ecchi anime keeps entertaining the okatus of this genre with obscenity, masochistic dominance, and punishment with explicit clothes on the girl characters.

Valkyrie Drive

 Mamori Tokonome is in despair after being kidnapped and left on a lonely island. Soon she finds that the island is inhabited by gorgeous mermaids. She also befriended Mirei another castaway girl to survive the situation. They formed a team of attractive girls ready to delve into any danger to survive.

Watch these hot anime on any online streaming platform.