What Are Vegas Slots? 

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the western world. It is also an iconic city that has featured heavily in movies and TV programmes. It was officially founded in 1905 but before this the original residents were Native Indians. It was the arrival of the railroad in 1890 that really helped spark the creation of this famous city and by 1905 stores, saloons and boarding houses began to emerge and this attracted an ever-increasing number of people to this once barren and isolated location.

Despite long gambling bans in the state of Nevada, illegal gambling flourished in this remote developing city and this led to an increase in criminality, as mobsters and organised criminals moved in to exploit the illegal gambling scene – visit Bezy. In 1931 gambling had become legal but by this time mobsters had established themselves as the dominant force. The construction of the Hoover Dam brought an influx of yet more people to Vegas and they had a bustling casino scene to keep them entertained. The first Hotel opened in 1941 and the rest as they say is history. 

Las Vegas Today 

The last of the powerful mobsters were driven out in the 1980s and today’s Vegas is all about glitz and glamour thanks to billions of dollars of investment. The hotels and casinos are bigger than ever and so are the shows.  It is this view of Las Vegas that today’s Vegas based video slots tend to focus on. This is what Vegas slots are, they are basically slot games with Vegas as the theme, and at the heart of the design of the game. 

However, Vegas slots do have another meaning too and these are traditional slot games whose origins lie in land-based Vegas casinos, but have made the successful transition to the virtual video slot world. Here we will take a look at examples of both. 

Vegas Lights Slot 

A neon design that captures the atmosphere of a night out at Vegas is behind the look of Vegas themed slot, Vegas Lights. The actual game is pretty standard with the action played out on 5-reels with 20 pay lines. The actual slot game itself is set against a Vegas casino backdrop. The house edge comes in at an average of 4.94% and the RTP score is 95.06%. The symbols are quite traditional for a modern slot game and the game contains free spins features, multipliers and scatters. 

DaVinci Diamonds Slot

DaVinci Diamonds slot is not set in Vegas, instead it is one of those games that has its origins in Las Vegas land-based casinos. It is set in the Renaissance period and uses cascading or tumbling reels. It’s a 5-reel 20 pay line slot that features gemstones, diamonds and Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, including the Mona Lisa. If you get 3 bonus symbols on the first three reels then you trigger the free spins bonus round. 

Siberian Storm Slot

Siberian Storm is another slot from land-based casinos that is now popular online. It is set against the wintery backdrop of a freezing Siberian landscape. The elusive Siberian Tiger is the star here. This slot from ICT offers wilds and free spins galore.