5 Types of Goods That Cannot Be Stored in Public Storage

Not just anything can be put in a public storage unit—at least not without potentially sever consequences. The guidelines are relatively straight forward common-sense rules implemented to ensure the safety of others and yourself using the facility.

Damage that results from storing ‘no-no’ items, can result in legal action against the violator. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Food Never Belongs in Storage

While this would seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many folks simply refuse to discard that container of sugar, syrup, cereal, etc. They believe that a few days or weeks won’t make much difference in dry goods.

However, it makes a huge difference by supporting hungry pests and rodents that can invade your unit and those nearby and result in an infestation. Even if the pests don’t find food items, they can cause bacteria and mold to form.

2. Hazardous Materials

Tenants are prohibited from placing hazardous materials including flammables, paints, pesticides, and corrosives inside storage units.

Essentially, anything that can be opened and spill or leak out and because damage is considered hazardous and is not allowed.

If you want to store gas-powered lawn equipment or ATVs, they must be drained of fluids like oil and gas first.

3. Firearms and Ammunition

There are strict laws against storing firearms and any type of live ammunition or explosives in storage units. Ammo can become unstable in the storage environments and cause an accident, start a fire or even worse. Consider private storage options at shooting ranges and gun shops.

4. Scented Goods

Scented items like candles, wax pods, potpourri, are as tempting to food for a number of pest—particularly flying ones. Keep these out of storage, and if you want to spray your unit occasionally, use an unscented anti-bacterial spray.

5. No Valuables in Public Storage

Whether it has monetary value or sentimental value, anything you consider to be precious should go with you personally. While security might be fantastic at a public storage facility, it’s best not to take chances with theft or damage while being stored.