5 ways in which Vaginal Tightening can improve your quality of life

Sexuality is an integral part of a woman’s quality of life, health, and well-being. Like the other parts of the body, vaginas age with time as well. The changes are not as obvious and rapid but they take a toll on a woman’s well-being. One of the major changes experienced is vaginal looseness, which can happen because of several reasons.

Two of the most common causes of a loose vagina are age and childbirth. As a woman reaches her 40s, there is a change in the elasticity of the vagina. This happens because of a reduction in estrogen levels as the menopausal stage comes. Loss of estrogen will cause your vaginal tissue to be drier and thinner. 

In the case of childbirth, it is natural that the stretching out of the vaginal muscles during the baby’s passage through the birth canal will cause the vagina to lose its elasticity. Some exercises can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles during and after pregnancies, but it is unlikely that they can help restore your vaginal elasticity.

What is laser vaginal tightening?

Vaginal looseness is a natural phenomenon and is bound to happen with age. However, the good news here is that this change can be reversed and the vagina can be made as tight as it used to be in the 20s with the help of laser vaginal tightening.

It is a reconstructive surgical procedure that is performed on the vaginal canal. It aims to tighten up the vagina which had become loose because of age or childbirth. The procedure refers not only to the internal muscles but also to the external skin and the tissues that surround it.

Why should you choose laser vaginal tightening?

It is surprising for many women that a non-surgical treatment like laser vaginal tightening can help them achieve the elasticity of their vagina and give excellent results without requiring any downtime, extensive treatment, or traditional surgery. 

Vaginal rejuvenation provides noticeable improvements in a woman’s body. The procedure is a life-changing experience for a lot of women and it can enhance not only their intimate relationships but also help them to feel more like themselves again. 

Five ways in which laser vaginal tightening and tightening can help women improve their health and quality of life are listed below.

  • Better sexual satisfaction: The tightening of inner and outer tissues of the vagina heightens sensations and pleasure for you and your partner in sexual intercourse. Because of added collagen after the procedure, the pain during intercourse that was previously caused by the thinning of vaginal tissues is reduced or even eliminated.
  • Eliminate urinary incontinence: A lot of women choose not to talk about it, but urinary stress incontinence is quite a common problem, especially after childbirth, and it can be a pretty embarrassing situation. With the introduction of collagen during laser vaginal tightening, the muscle and tissue in the area become more toned and tighter. This strengthens the pelvic floor and helps reduce or even eliminate urinary stress incontinence.
  • Reduction in pain and discomfort: Due to the trauma after surgery or childbirth, a lot of women suffer from pain and even discomfort during sexual intercourse. Laser vaginal tightening can help repair this damage and scarring. This will help your body heal itself by producing more collagen, which in turn reduces the pain, and makes sexual intercourse comfortable and pleasurable again.
  • Get rid of vaginal dryness: Low level of estrogen is the main cause of vaginal dryness. As a woman approaches menopause, hormonal fluctuations lead to lower estrogen levels which cause the vagina to become dry. Laser vaginal tightening promises to help eliminate this issue and give you an aesthetically beautified vagina and make it as good as new.
  • Feel alive and like yourself again: Vaginal discomfort, dryness, and looseness take a toll on your self-consciousness, esteem, and vaginal appearance. After childbirth, there is a loss of sexual desire. Laser vaginal tightening can give you back your confidence and sexual drive. You will experience better orgasm, heightened sexual pleasures, and be sexually bold after the procedure. The treatment makes you feel like yourself again and makes you feel more desirable.    

Final Words

Vaginas are considered to be a mysterious part of a woman’s body and are not discussed openly sometimes. But it should be understood that they are a part of the female body and should be appreciated, treasured, and taken care of. If there is something that is bothering you about it, it should not be ignored. There are many options which can help you achieve a healthy vagina, and laser vaginal tightening is one of the most successful and trusted one. To know more about laser vaginal tightening, call Pristyn Care today, and book an appointment. As a confident woman, you should voice the concerns you have about your body, and resolve any concerns at the earliest.