9 Things To Do For A Friend Who Lost A Father



Fathers, in general, are considered a hero, a mentor, and a breadwinner. This is why their passing leaves an unfathomable impact. To give you an idea how you can be there for a grieving friend,, here are nine things you can do for them — from giving memorial gifts for loss of father to offering practical help.

Skip the cliche statements. Know that you share a different kind of bond with the bereaved compared to those acquaintances who are sending their condolences. This is why it’s best for you to skip the sympathy platitudes like “I know it’s hard” and “You’re strong.” What you can do is to be there and acknowledge that your friend is going through one of the most difficult times of his or her life.

Honor his or father with memorial gifts for loss of father. There are different ways wherein your can memorialize the deceased. From touching plaques to personalized keepsafe boxes, wind chimes and photo frames, you can send these meaningful gifts to your friend — complete with a message that best resonates your feelings.

Help around the house. Assisting your friend’s household in doing chores like washing the dishes and cleaning their home may seem simple, but it’s one of the most sincere ways of showing you’re there for him or her and the whole family.

Help your friend have a break. Homes are filled with memories of the families that live in them. With safety in mind, it’s also advisable to take your friend out of the house once in a while and help give him or her a break. Reconnect with nature or go on an activity that you both enjoy.

Avoid judging your friend. Children will never be the same again after the loss of a parent. If the death of your friend’s father has changed something within him or her, be understanding of it. But be careful not to ignore either the depressive or aggressive tendencies that may arise.

Listen. Instead of judging your friend, lend a listening ear. Now more than ever, your friend would need someone to rely on. So whenever he or she is ready to talk about his or her feelings, listen well — and avoid giving advice, unless the other party asks so.

Be there especially during special occasions. The key to become that loyal friend in times of loss is to be persistent. Check up on him or her, and be there especially during special days including birthdays, death anniversaries, and the holidays. You can also give memorial gifts for loss of father during these occasions.

Celebrate the wonderful memories you share with his or her father. Don’t be afraid to bring up the father’s name. And whenever it’s time for it, recount the memories you have with your friend’s father. It’s a reassuring way of letting your friend know that his or her father has touched lives in one way or another.

Know when to call for professional help. After the passing of his or her father, be keen and observe if there’s any drastic, negative change in his or her behavior. If the loss has been affecting his or her daily life on a large scale, talk with his or her family and help them call for professional guidance.