5 Ways to Prepare Your Home as an Air BNB

So, after careful consideration, you have decided it makes perfect sense to list that spare room, granny flat or even your entire home on Air BnB.

Many Aussies, 6 million of them at the last count, currently list their properties on Air BnB. But, of course, before you can become a host yourself, you will need to prepare your home first.

The question is: how do you prepare your home before listing?

Ensure your space is safe for guests

Safety is a huge consideration for most people. As a host, it is your responsibility to make the people staying at your property to feel secure.

There are practical things you can implement to safeguard and improve the security of your property before listing.

First, consider spending a quality amount of time inspecting your property. Keep an eye out for exposed wires or loose steps or other hazards that could jeopardize your guest’s safety.

Fix all hazards before listing your property.

Install and test fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace any that are out of date or faulty.

Ensure your contact details are accessible in case any problem arises.

Clean and declutter

Nobody wants to vacation or stay in a house with your things still littered everywhere. Cleaning and stowing away your belongings before inviting guests into your home is a sure way to ensure guest leave raving reviews of your place.

Consider deep cleaning your property yourself or if you can, hire houseproud cleaning service to professionally wash down all the nooks and crannies of your home before you take pictures of your space.

You see cleaning and decluttering your space, not only leave your accommodation gleaming and inviting it makes your area appear roomier.

Run through the available amenities once again

While you are not a hotel and may have no have prior experience managing guest lodging, you want your space to feel home-away-from-home for guests.

Providing essential amenities and ensuring they work is a significant first step towards that.

Start from the bedroom, ensure the bed is comfortable with good pillows. Use high-quality, soft sheets and add extra pillows and blankets.

Go a step further to put earplugs in the bedroom, especially if the property is near a busy road so that guests can get a peaceful nights sleep.

Provide towels and essential toiletries just in case your guests forget to bring theirs along. It is often the little details that create a pleasurable experience for your paying guests.

Create a concise, handy rule book

Have some house rules that explain what you expect from your guests.

For instance, if you do not allow smoking to explain that in the guidebook and have a designated smoke area.

If pets are welcome, then list the rules and inform guests about nearby dog-friendly parks and other activities their furry-companion might enjoy.

Be sure also to explain how guests can navigate your home. For example, your home’s Wi-Fi passwords, how to use the appliances and remote controls are always handy things to know.

It may also be useful for them to know where the meter box is located and other such information. Make settling in a breeze for your guests so that they can feel at home straight away.

Research and keep a competitive price

Most people that rent out Air BnB often do so because it is more cost-effective than staying in a hotel.

Be sure to check out other nearby properties to see how much you can charge. You see, pricing your listing reasonably and competitively will increase the likelihood of guests renting your space.

Use Air BNB’s analytics tool to assess how much you can reasonably list your property for. Factor in available amenities and local neighbourhood. You determine the amount you charge.

Wrapping up

Ensuring your property is safe and secure, hiring a cleaning service, going above and beyond to make your guests comfortable and of course, reasonably pricing your listing are a couple of ways you can prepare your home for Air BnB. Good Luck.