9 Types of Toys that Help Children Learn

Toys are great; they help children learn and stimulate their creativity. There are lots of resources for parents as a way of encouraging their child’s learning.

An excellent way for kids to learn is by being surrounded by educational games and toys. The early stages are a period in the life of kids all about exploration.

Have you ever noticed the concentration of babies when they try to fit a round block into a square hole and their minds trying to work why it will not work?

Here are nine toys and ways to help children learn;

For babies;


For babies, everything is new and fascinating to them. Babies are looking and taking in their environment by seeing and exploring new things.

A great way to help build your children’s creativity and cognitive skills would be to surround them with fascinating colours.


Initially, babies will be surprised and fascinated with the changing faces and pictures looking at them from a mirror.

They will soon realise that the cute, drooling, happy baby looking at them is their reflection; this happens when babies begin to develop self-awareness.

Mirrors are an excellent way for you to keep your kids occupied without spending a fortune.

Pull-Push Toys

The more babies push and pull, the more they will be able to develop muscle tone, and balance as your bundle of joy transforms from sitting all day to an active crawler and walker.

Push and pull activities help develop the muscles necessary for babies to become reliable climbers and runners in the future, and it also helps kids control their speed when they begin walking and running.

For Toddlers:


A lot of people consider a ball to be the ultimate toys for not only kids but adults as well. It does not matter what type of ball it is, any kind of ball will be just fine.

Best start with a ball that is soft and able to be picked up by your child. Give them confidence in their play and then introduce other shapes and sizes of balls.


Interactive Environments

As your little ones get older, and their skills begin to develop, you may want to consider putting them in interactive environments.

This kind of stimulus encourages children to create, play and discover the world from a child’s point of view while also taking the complexity out of their play area.

Montessori inspired learning resources from My Happy Helpers include the Kinderfeets range of walker prams, trikes and balance bikes which help with gross motor skills, navigating and interacting with a variety of environments and can   help children of all ages learn through play.

Arts and Crafts

Every child has an artistic side, and you should consider encouraging them to build and create from a young age, with your assistance. Your little ones can create imaginative yet straightforward crafts such as masks, instruments, and stuffed animals.

Kids are naturally artistic and creative in their way. Let your kids create and then enjoy playing with their finished products.

For Older Kids;


Science Toys

Binoculars, chemistry sets, model bones & fossils, animals, and the likes will go a long way in helping your kids become more curious and interested in sciences.

Any toy that helps to develop and promote your little one’s problem-solving skills is a great toy that will assist in developing their imagination and self-learning.

Board Games

When it comes to board and card games, you are spoilt for choice. There are a plethora of educational board games for your children to choose from, including classics like monopoly, chess, and checkers.

Board games are an excellent way for your kids to develop a strategy and problem-solving.

For all kids;


After all, is said and done, the perfect thing for your kids to interact with is you. Your presence is necessary during these pivotal years to ensure that your children have all the guidance required to help them develop into well-balanced adults.

Your attention will help build your kid’s self-esteem and build an unbreakable bond as family members.