Global Warming, Acid rain, Water Crisis, Air pollution, etc. Do you know how it is causing a serious impact on livelihood?. More rise in Temperature has been monitored years after years and is making the lives of people really hard. Rising water levels in Antarctica are killing a lot of animals living in that region. People are encountering different kinds of Health issues due to the daily inhalations of Harmful air pollutants.

Looking at these factors makes us really Worried about the Future. But, we can make a change, you can make a change!.

Hence to make a change, Start Following the effective ways to make your business more Eco-friendly. You don’t know the ways? Don’t you worry? This blog is all about providing you with the 7 effective ways to make your Business Eco-Friendly. Not only making it Eco-friendly but, we also guarantee that you can save a lot of revenues if you follow these simple tricks.

Before you can implement these tips, you have to make sure to get a BASIX Certificate to consider your Company as Eco-friendly. As in the process of assessing for The Basix Certificate, the Concerned Authority will have a proper protocol. It aims to reduce electricity and water usage for any New Business Complexes, by setting up minimum sustainability targets.

Above all, getting accurate BASIX Reports is very much accountable. So, we suggest you rely on highly rated and reputed agencies or organizations, to provide you with the most Appropriate and Accurate BASIX Reports.

So, without any further ado let’s jump into the main content

7 Effective ways to make your Business Eco-friendly:

1. Use CNG Gas Vehicles

It is obvious that 24 hours of Vehicular movement facilities will be available for your Business. But, do you know how much Carbon dioxide is emitted to the air every time you use Petroleum Vehicles for transportation?. But, you can make a change, avoid using petroleum Vehicles but instead use those vehicles which can be run by CNG(Compress Natural Gas). As it is Eco-friendly, cheaper, and has proven to be effective even in maintaining the Vehicles.

With these simple steps, you can gain great reputations for your Company simultaneously.

2. Stop Using Electronics with high Wattage

With the Advancement in Technologies at the present Era, there are a lot of innovative Electronics Products in the Market, which consumes a very less amount of Energy. So, replacing your Old Electronics with these could cut down the Electric Bills for your Business, and can also save the world from facing an Energy Crisis. And also Make sure that you are using only the 4-5 star Ac(Air Conditioning) in Your Offices.

3. Install Solar Panel as an Alternate Source of Energy supply

Installing an Alternate source of the power supply for your Business is important. But, make sure that you are relying on Solar-Energy only. As it is Eco-Friendly and Budget-friendly at the same time when compared to others like the Generators, etc.

4. Manufacture Products that can be Degraded

Try to use those materials while producing any products for your Business. In this way, you can have a purely Eco-Friendly Business and can make a huge impact in keeping the Environment safe and secure from soil and water pollution.

5. Discourage throwing Garbages

Be of Broad-Mind and create a protocol for everyone working in your organization to avoid throwing Garbage around the Campuses. And also encourage them to stop using plastic bags or cups. With this simple initiation, you can save the world from many other Environmental related factors.

6. Avoid Deforestations

Many big Business complexes are built after devastating wide areas of Green Forest, which is not at all acceptable to Nature. Hence, we see many Environmental factors affecting Livelihood reversely these days. So, try to avoid this practice and instead try to plant more trees around the Complexes, which can even benefit you and the whole world.

7. Choose Remote Areas for your Business

Always look for the Areas where the inhibition of Human populations is zero before setting up any Factories or Industries for your Businesses. As it can save the people from exposure to any harmful pollutants. And also can be prevented from any Disaster to Happen, in case of any error in the System.

Take an Example of the Bhopal Gas tragedy, that happened in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh on the late night of December 1984, from which many people were Victims of the Disaster. So be wise, Prevention is better than Cure.”