Babies deserve all the love they can get from people around them. They will feel that people want them, especially their parents. But even if they will not remember those once they grow up, you know they received enough love and attention. So to celebrate their existence and to be a part of a growing family, giving them gifts is one of the many things you can do. If you do not know what to give, search for a baby hamper in Singapore.


Gift-givers exert more effort on things they give to people they love. And if you are the same, you might be a fan of customised gifts. You can also do it for babies, so do not skip personalised baby hampers on your list. If you have never created one before, here are some items you can include in your gift:


A baby towel is the first thing you will see in a baby gift hamper. Be careful about the one you choose because newborns can be sensitive to what they use on their skin. Check if what you purchase is soft and gentle on the skin. If they are rough and irritating, do not buy them.

2. BIB

Another thing you can include in your gift is a bib. Babies use it to protect their clothes when eating. You will see various designs of this item, like flowers, cartoon characters, and polka dots. Choose one depending on the gender of the baby to make it more appealing.


Since babies will not be able to learn until they reach the age of two, you might think that including an educational book is useless. But they can use it once they grow up, especially during their younger years. Do not overlook the importance of having it in a baby gift hamper because the parents will also appreciate it.


Of course, do not forget the greeting card. You can place a small one with a simple note the parents can read. Some even put messages somewhere to treasure the moment. It depends on you on what you think the family will appreciate.


Since babies will be the ones who will receive the gift, do not forget stuffed toys in the baby hamper. They will need it to play, while others use it when teething. Include something safe for the teeth to avoid damaging their mouth.


This item is optional but necessary for a baby. The powder they use must match their skin to avoid irritation and allergy. Choose a baby powder brand known in the market to ensure that you will give the correct one. You may consult the parents to check what they use.


Baby onesies can be part of personalised baby hampers. You can put one or two, depending on your budget. Some could be costly, so check your wallet before spending money.

Do not forget these items once you create baby hampers for kids. It is easy to do but with the correct tools. Remember the basket and the cover you will use to protect the gift. If you are also checking baby hamper delivery in Singapore, visit the website of Pineapple!