7 Tips to Deal with Newborn Babies in the First Few Weeks

It’s been 2 weeks since my daughter, Zaynab, was born. Her sleeping and feeding habits are normal and she is improving gradually. With the passage of time, she is being active and alert while doing different activities. Thanks to the couponqatar.com which always assists me in finding economical deals on baby supplies including diapers, feeders, chairs, car seats, clothing and more. From pregnancy to birth of Zaynab, we completed the maternity shopping with the help of Mamas and Papas code. I would like to share the tips from experts and seasoned parents to make your journey easier.

Always Seek Support:

Don’t try to be rude and independent. Studies show that women who seek help and support have a high success rate. Think of different ways to handle a baby especially in the early weeks. According to the Momina Jubail, a lactation consultant in Doha City, it is necessary to talk with women who have good nursing experience.

Utilize Medical Resources:

Kinza Salamat, a neonatologist at Doha Medical Complex, says, “I always recommend mothers to rely on modern medical facilities. Spending three to four days with expert staff at hospital is a big source of learning for new moms. I would recommend new moms to keep in touch with physicians especially neonatologist, lactation expert and midwife.”

Prepare at Home:

Remember, you will be at your own when returning from hospital. New moms should redeem Mamas and Papas code to collect baby supplies including the feeders, diapers, changing bags, furniture and even the nursery items. Are you going to feed the baby? Just relax and drink a glass of fresh water. Read any magazine while you breastfeed the baby. Don’t forget to pee before breastfeeding it may take longer than expected.

Try Warm Massage:

Are you breast ready? Moms should make sure that breasts are not engorged. Blocked ducts may be a big trouble. Get a simple heating pad or use the breast massage technique. Both techniques are useful to improve milk flow. Massage is the best approach to open the blocked veins and ducts.



Deal with Sore Breast:

Are your breasts sore? Moms who always feel soreness after breastfeeding should find the remedies as quickly as possible. Consider the cold treatment to remove the soreness. Use a bag of frozen peas or simply the ice cubes (covered in muslin cloth) to ease the soreness and stiffness.

Change your Sleeping Schedule:

Moms may experience a troubling sleeping routine in the first few weeks after birth. Buy technological advancements such as breast pumps and storage bottles with Mamas and Papas code. Store the breast milk in these bottles and let your husband or any other person at home take care of the baby while you take some rest.

Take Shifts:

Nowadays, it is easy to work in shifts because everyone is at home. Your spouse should feel responsible in this matter. After all, it is about your own health and fitness. Taking shifts enables the mom and dad divide the responsibility of handling a cranky baby in day and night.