Sell Off Your Dental Scarp and Earn Real Cash

No one likes having scrap materials around. Especially when it comes to dental scrap, the first thought that comes to mind is to discard them away. But do you know that these scraps can be so much worth than just selling them to junkmen and getting few cents in return? Be it dental crowns, bridges or, inlays, these metals will get you real cash when sold to the right person or the right company. AU Precious Metals have shed some light on the benefits you get when you sell dental scrap and its importance.

The Value of Dental Scrap 

The actual value of dental scrap lies in the metals such as gold and palladium these materials contain. Many dental offices use various precious metals to carry out their duties, such as inlays, gold crowns or, silver amalgam filling. When these instruments complete their lifespan, they no longer serve the purpose. However, these materials contain precious metals such as palladium, gold, silver, and platinum that could be sold for real profits and re-invested in the business. The selling of dental scrap can easily make a few thousand dollars every year, when sold at the right price, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Benefits of Selling Dental Scrap  

While selling off dental scrap turns out to be quite profitable, there are many more benefits you can enjoy with this practice. Be it contributing to a clean community by selling precious metals instead of disposing of them or getting extra bucks to add to personal finances, selling your dental scrap always pays off! Here are a few benefits of selling dental scrap.

  • Giving back to the community

You don’t have to be a philanthropist to contribute to the community. Many online dealers (such as AU Precious Metal) donate a chunk of their profits to America’s Tooth Fairy to support National Children’s oral health. Hence, when you sell dental scarp, you provide dental care to children who cannot afford it while simultaneously getting their hands off the scrap.

  • Saving Environment

Dental scrap contains some precious metals which rather than getting recycled, end up being discarded. Hence, selling them off will help in their sustainable use. Additionally, the scarp will not end up in landfills and garbage dumps that pollute the environment.

  • Getting hands of Extra Cash 

As mentioned above, selling dental scraps such as bridges, crowns, inlays etc., at the correct value helps make extra cash. Often, patients visit the office to replace/remove crowns they got years ago. The crown contains high-quality gold, platinum, or palladium, guaranteed to give good returns when sold.

The Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that selling dental scrap will always be a good option, especially when there is no more use of that scrap in dental offices. AU Precious Metals is a reputable refiner that determines the worth of precious metals as per their weight, purity, and quantity and then provides the value these metal owners deserve.