8 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend Who Is A Hopeless Romantic

Isn’t he just dreamy? Whether it is a phone call, a date or texts, his words and gestures release the butterflies in your stomach. He knows how to hold you while dancing and woo you with a single glance. His idea of romance could sweep any girl off her feet but his heart beats only for you. He is definitely a keeper and his birthday is next month which is a chance for you to show how much he means to you. Take reins in your hand and show him that you feel as strongly for him as he feels for you. Surprise him gifts and gestures that could show him the romance brimming in your heart too. On his birthday, put him in awe of you. Here are a few suggestions that will fill his heart with love for you, all over again.

1. Gift Him A Personalised Number Plate Keychain

Of course, there are many gift options to choose from for your special one but surprising him with a personalized gift will surely touch his heart. Our best suggestion is the customized car number plate keychain from ETCHCRAFT EMPORIUM. The reason why it’s one of our preferences is that it’s uniquely crafted like a car, have a shiny silver finish for a classy appeal, and can be customized with an engraved VIN number of his car. Apart from having great looks, it is durable too owing to its stainless steel material.

2. The Heart Cake

Pick a delicious cake with a moist layer and his favourite flavour crafted in heart shape and schedule a midnight delivery of the same. You can order a birthday cake for boyfriend on any reputed online bakery and watch the magic unfold as the clock struck 12 at midnight. You can put a jazzy spin on it by personalising it with a handsome picture of him at the top. He won’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

3. A Handwritten Letter

Yes, you can always text, mail or chat with him but there is something magical about curating a handwritten letter addressing your feelings towards him and making him feel special with all those nice words you have to say about him. It might be just a paper with words scribbled on it but this simple present will be treasured by him longer than anything else.

4. Date Night Box

This is a DIY but surely will top the list of his favourite gifts so far. Craft some tokens and put a unique date idea on each one of them. Collect them all in a box and gift it to your beloved boyfriend who can choose any idea on a day of his choice and spend some quality time with you filled with romantic moments. It could be as simple as a coffee date or as sensual as a steamy night between the sheets.

5. The Voice Art

It is a new trend aiming for the hearts of young couple deeply in love with someone. Your voice will be used to create this art. Whatever you have to say for your boyfriend will be recorded and the frequency module of the message will be presented on a canvas showing the message in the waveform. You can use this waveform to personalise some gift items too, a coffee mug or a photo frame. 

6. A Weekend Getaway

Remember his favourite local destination he can’t stop gushing about? Yes, this birthday take him for a weekend getaway and have the time of your life drenching in the romance. This could be the time to know each other even better and get closer to hearts.

7. Say It With Flowers

Plan a surprise and include his favourite florals in it. Decorate the room or present a beautiful arrangement of his favourite flowers along with a message card stating your heartfelt feelings for him. He will be super delighted to be pampered by his girl like this. Shop for the perfect birthday flowers for your boyfriend at Sing See Soon today!

8. Make The Wishlist Come True

If you can browse through his favourite shopping app, there is a good chance you can see the wishlist or browsed items he wants to get for himself. Pick a few of those wanted items and surprise him with something he actually wants. He will be astonished enough to think you as a mind reader but you don’t have to reveal the secret. 😉

Whatever gift you choose from this list, whether gadgets or electronics, you can always put a personal spin on it and make it look like custom made for him. On his special day, make him smile like a teen in love with his dream girl who loves him beyond expectations.