8 Tips To Enjoy Watersports And Still Be Earth-Friendly


Did you know that by 2050, the number of plastics being dumped in the ocean can outweigh the fish population around the world? With more and more people clamouring about the dire need to protect our bodies of water and our planet as a whole, even those who are into London watersports are finding ways on how to indulge in these recreational activities while being Earth-friendly.

Into water sports? In this feature, you will find out eight helpful tips on how you can enjoy the waters in a more sustainable manner.

Opt for watersports that do not involve the use of fuels. One of the first things you can do is to choose environmentally friendly watersports in London. For instance, instead of doing something that involves the use of a motorised boat (which can leave a significant amount of carbon footprint in the ocean), you can opt for “fuel-less” activities. These include kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming, diving, and sailing among others.

Avoid leaving plastic waste. Whenever you are heading out on the water, avoid leaving plastic waste as much as you can. For instance, if you are having a snack after a paddle-boarding session, throw away your trash properly. It will also be best to opt for glass bottles (or any other eco-friendly alternative) instead of their plastic counterpart.

Use eco-friendly watersport apparel. When doing any London watersports, it’s important to wear proper clothes. And by “proper,” it does not only mean having the right and comfortable fit — you should also be mindful about its fibre content. Did you know that in a single wash, up to 700,000 fibres can be released from a single microfibre-fabric garment?

Be careful about the sunscreen you use. Apart from the clothes you use, you should take note of the sunscreen you apply to your skin. Choose eco-friendly brands and avoid those that are laden with harmful chemicals (e.g. Butyl paraben). They are not only dangerous for your health in the long-run, but they can also damage water ecosystem components like algae and corals.

Switch to LED lights. If ever you’re sailing during the afternoon or near-evening, experts recommend bringing with you an LED light instead of the conventional light bulbs. LED lights require 90% less electrical power to be functional — plus, they do not have any hazardous toxins.

Choose watersport companies that care about the environment. Whether you’re a newbie looking for companies that offer watersport lessons or already an aficionado, it’s also highly recommended to choose a firm that supports sustainable advocacy. Choosing an environmentally conscious watersport business is one simple way of helping protect our oceans and our planet.

Make it a habit to reuse and recycle. Beyond doing watersports in London in an eco-friendly way, you can extend your support for the green movement by practising reusing and recycling at home. Minimise your use of plastic and patronise environmentally friendly products. Learn about Chinese swimming classes.

Keep yourself informed. To further intensify your need to be Earth-friendly while doing watersports (or any other activities or chores), it pays to be well-informed. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding this concern. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can also show support to organisations that echo the same advocacy.