9 Things You Can Do To Spruce Up Your Living Room


Homeowners are looking for ways to spruce up their home, starting with one of the most used rooms in the house, the living room. Start with the living room if you’re looking to start a new house project. If you’re not quite sure where or how to begin, we have done the tedious task of rounding up nine things you can do.

Invest in a wall mounted electric fire

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and really quick way to spruce up your living room, we recommend investing in wall mounted electric fires. This is where modern meets sophistication. With a wall mounted electric fire, you’ll be able to turn a simple room into something cozy, the perfect ambience all year round.

Swap old photos with new memories

On another note, if you’re not willing to fully revamp your space yet and you’re simply looking for a small yet impactful change, then why not swap old photos with new memories. In fact, this is a great excuse to have a family photoshoot.

Have yourself an accent wall

Apart from having one wall with a different colour, you can take it up another level by having that wall covered up with the perfect quaint wallpaper. A good thing about this tip is that there are so many types of wallpaper that you can choose from and hundreds more in terms of design.

Revamp your bookshelf

Now that you have added wall mounted electric fires, what’s next? Well, revamp your bookshelf or simply rearrange a few things to give it a new look. You can colour-coordinate your books or add a few decors here and there as well.

Experiment with a new trend

Every year, there are hundreds of interior decor trends popping up here and there. If you really want to step out of your comfort zone in this project, you can try a new trend. We hear that the 70s interior trend is coming back!

Set aside a play nook for your kids

If you have kids, then you may want to dedicate a space for them while you read a book from your newly redesigned bookshelf by the wall mounted electric fire. Clear up a few things in one corner of the living room and add a few cushions and pillows.

Have yourself an accent chair

A good thing about this tip is that it helps you stay within your budget. You can find tons of refreshing accent chairs online. It’s impossible not to find the perfect one that will complement the rest of your living room furniture pieces.

Mix and match with vintage and modern

If you’re interested in vintage pieces but feel that these may make your living room outdated, then try to mix and match vintage and modern furniture pieces. You can repurpose several coffee tables and make them appear modern.

Try adding a whimsical portrait

If you have settled on wall mounted electric fires, then you may wonder what to decorate the seemingly vacant wall beside it. Try adding a whimsical portrait of an animal or plant. This will definitely draw the eyes of everyone in the room, which will make for a fantastic conversation starter.

Your living room is where you entertain your guests and spend time as a family on a beautiful Sunday morning. Make sure to invest in it so that you’ll be building a space where memories are created.