A Day at the Beach: Ocean Vacation Activities

Many vacations consist of going to tourist spots anywhere in the globe. Some like going to popular restaurants to taste different cuisines. Some like bonding with nature by camping, hiking, or rock climbing. But others best attractions in spain love to embark on travels nearer to the sea. The ocean, or any large natural body of water, contributes to relaxation and even promotes better mental health. It induces comfort and healing for anyone looking for stress relief. But one doesn’t have to be on the water to reap this benefit. You can plan to do many activities on the sea or by the beach for your vacation. Here are some of them:

Going on a Luxury Cruise

Luxury cruises are some most expensive yet most satisfying vacations you can plan. You will get to experience first-class services that cater to almost any request that you have. The standard things you can expect are luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and open bars and drink lounges. However, others offer unique entertainment like casino games and sports matches and other relaxation treatments like massages and facials depending on your cruise ship. This can be a fulfilling experience that combines leisure and luxury in the best way possible.


Fishing puts your patience to the test during the waiting time. However, it also gives you the space to think about anything under the sun. Many like to book fishing tours that include many other activities like boating, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, sightseeing, and riding seaplanes all in one package. But all of them keep you near the water, making the vacation very relaxing and enjoyable. So gather your fishing gear and start catching fish that can be your fine dinner for the night.

Beach Side Lounging

Lounging by the beach is a perfect compromise if you don’t want to get wet or ride any vessel that goes out to sea. Relaxing on the seashore can make you feel like you are on vacation. You can walk by the shore to look at shells or pebbles lining the sand. You can sit under the sun to get a natural tan or read a book under a beach umbrella to be relaxed by the sound of the waves. You can even do nothing at all but feel the refreshing atmosphere of the ocean in front of you.


Beach sports are more for people who crave being active even by the sea. Practically people of all ages can enjoy beach volleyball. You need a bit of space, a ball, and another person to play with you to start having some fun. Football is another popular option that people can play by the beach. All you need is a ball to start the game with your companions. You can even let other enthusiasts join your activity as this is easily a universal game that anyone can enjoy.

Building Sandcastles

Playing with the sand is also good if you want to lay back a bit. You can build sandcastles from simple pails and shovels for younger kids. They can adorn them with shells and flags while digging moats around the structure to avoid being destroyed by the incoming waves. But adults sometimes take it up a notch by creating intricate sand sculptures that can be considered temporary artworks. It has even become a contest in some places where you can win a prize by creating the most beautiful sand art.

Huddling Around a Bonfire

Last but not least, you can start a bonfire as if you were camping by the beach at night. Friends and family can huddle by the fire to get warm from the cold ocean breeze. You can tell stories and sing songs against the backdrop of the sound of waves. Some will even gaze up to the sky and look at the stars because the ocean is usually free of light pollution, making the sky clearer and the stars brighter.

Taking Care of the Ocean

These activities are all enjoyable vacation ideas if you love being near the ocean. But as tourists, you need to do your part in keeping the ocean clean. Marine pollution is at an all-time high as human wastes are continuously being dumped into the sea. Going further, most vacation-goers leave behind trash whenever they go near the water. So you must try to reduce the wastes we produce and keep them away from nature.

A fun-filled day of spending time at the beach is a perfect way to get away from city life. However, you must also be mindful of the ocean. It is up to everyone to clean the poisoned waters, hopefully, to continue enjoying the many benefits that they give us for more years to come.

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