Mystical Entertainment Group names the 360 spinning booth the hottest trend for 2022

Taking snaps during weddings and special events has evolved throughout the years. With the emergence of photo booth rental services, offering photo souvenirs for just about any occasion has become easier and more convenient. This 2022, you can take your event photo booth to a cooler notch with the latest talk-of-the-town service — 360 spinning photo booth rentals.

Mystical Entertainment Group — home to leading event specialists in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut — named the 360 booth rental as the hottest trend to dominate the events scene this coming year.

A Trend Worth The Try

In the upcoming year, Mystical Entertainment Group expects that more and more events will avail a 360 booth rental service. But why is this new bandwagon worth jumping on?

As its name implies, a 360 degree photo booth is a photo booth rental designed to take a 360 degree video of the booth’s user/s. The typical setup includes a camera, a platform, and a basic lighting system. Unlike a regular photo booth, its 360 counterpart offers a more dynamic and fun way of taking videos of your guests and even staff and organizers.

Capturing Cool Moments

The leading DJ and event planning business in NY, NJ, and CT, Mystical Entertainment Group is at the forefront of this trend as they offer one of the best spinning photo booth rentals.

To add more excitement to the 360 booth, theirs come with a platform equipped with LED lighting to sprinkle more flare to your event snaps. Their top-of-the-line camera is also laced with a proprietary LED ring to guarantee the quality of the videos. To make the images more unique to your event, they have trained accommodating technicians to help you add effects through their LED lighting system.

Unlike other 360 booths where the camera is manually maneuvered, their setup has an automatic belt-driven camera. This makes photo-snapping more efficient and precise. It also has a slow-motion feature if you want to offer your guests a cool video output.

As they always prioritize safety, their 360 booth is engineered to automatically stop if someone jumps in too late.

With their programming and customizable booth design (their software also has hundreds of cool video effects and overlays), it will be easier for you to professionally document some of the best moments of your event. What’s even greater is that their booth comes with an iPad kiosk so you can easily view and share your videos.

If you want your event to be an occasion that worth’s remembering, Mystical Entertainment Group’s 360 booth rentals are the hot, cost-effective trend that you don’t want to miss.

Give A Unique Spin To Your Event’s Photo Booth

Hosting an event this 2022? If you want to make your photo booth more unique, Mystical Entertainment Group can help. With over 20 years of being the leading event trendsetters in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, they are here to give a cool spin to your event with their spinning photo booth rentals.

Their 360 booth can be dressed to match your event theme. Their camera also comes with a proprietary LED ring to guarantee top-quality snaps. Learn more about it this newest trend here:

For inquiries, reach out to them at 973-542-8068 (NJ) or 917-502-6248 (NY). You can also request a meeting with their event specialists and 360 booth rental experts here: