A quick guide to heating your barn or external property building

If you have an external property or a barn you may be thinking of adding a heat source into it so you can keep your items or livestock warm during cold days and nights. While this may seem like a simple solution, there are many factors to consider and consulting with a professional heating and cooling company for help is the best way to start your planning process.

Once you contact your local heating and cooling company, they’ll likely ask you a series of questions and then send a technician out to look over the property, so they can give you a custom project estimate.

One of the questions they may ask you is what you intend to use the heat for. If you’re looking to keep livestock warm, the heating process they recommend may be different from the heat source set up they want you to use for storing farm equipment and extra vehicles.

Livestock –

If you’re looking to use the external building strictly for livestock, you may need to have your heating company install livestock heaters, or they may tell you that you need to hire an external electrician to come and add or fix wiring that has or hasn’t been done.

Another way to keep your livestock warm is by adding extra layers of insulation and fixing any holes or broken siding so drafts are blocked. Keeping clean hay on the ground is another way to add warmth for your animals.

Equipment –

If you’re looking to use the building for equipment, you can install a small heater within your tact room, so you have a place to warm up between chores and you also have a place to keep smaller equipment warm. The best heater for this is a UDAP heater. Be sure to speak with your heating and cooling company to get a price on the exact size you’ll need as these come in various sizes.