A Renovators Guide To Ceilings

Renovations on homes can be done for many reasons – the need for more space, fixing structural issues on older homes, or purely cosmetic to bring either an existing style, or envisioned style, to life.

When it comes to the style of house you might be considering as a renovation project, there are five that you may be familiar with in Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

If the exterior of the home is not giving you any clues, the internal ceiling can be helpful in understanding its roots, and you can always speak with ceiling contracts in Perth to gain some insight on where to find the following different styles of homes.

Heritage Homes

The age of a suburb can be a great clue when it comes to finding heritage homes.  If you happen upon one of Perth’s older beauties in need of restoration, you will be dealing with detail.

Ceilings and architraves in heritage homes in and around Perth will more than likely feature ornate ceiling roses, cornices with detail, and have some height to the rooms.

Over time, these grand ceilings will have been subjected to wear and tear, and you may find them cracked, or sagging, in need of replacement, which is where a Perth ceiling contractor can help you to identify the issue, and look at what is involved in replacing the ceiling in your renovation project.

Sometimes, it may be a simple removal and replacement, or there can be underlying issues caused by other structures connected to the ceiling.

Post War Character

From the 1930’s – 1950’s, you may find a mix of art deco through to California style bungalows.

While the detail is still present, the focus became more on recessed ceilings and the shift from round ceiling roses to more geometric lines and shapes.

 Materials expanded to include pressed metal, either coated or plain, as new design influences emerged.

Pressed metal is still an option for renovators, and ceiling options can shift from replica to customised designs.

A California bungalow style of home allows renovators to play with ceiling options a little more,  Renovating these beauties allows the choice of going more on the side of contemporary clean lines, and vaulted ceilings or keeping some ornate ceiling structures, or even working with exposed beams in certain rooms, such as kitchens.

A perfect opportunity to really think about the look and feel you want to achieve with your ceiling to fit in with the rest of your home, including furnishings as you renovate a character home in Perth.

An experienced ceiling contractor in perth can help you explore different options to find one that ticks boxes of quality, style and price.


Depending on the architectural style, your coastal Perth home may find you want to explore a Hamptons style ceiling, or more of a contemporary look and feel.

For Hamptons styling, think of exposed beams, or timber ceilings and timber cladding – with the potential addition of skylights to help spaces feel open, and light-filled.  

A contemporary home with mid-century modern influences may utilise a combination of vaulted ceilings,  bulkheads, or even suspended ceilings to help achieve the desired look.


Think the Perth Hills area or locations with their roots in rural living.   Scandi-barn style homes combine farmhouse feels with a little industrial/minimalism vibe.

From a ceiling perspective, consider pitched or vaulted ceilings and combining materials including metals, timbers, and plaster to achieve your desired renovation goal.

You may want to consider whether structural timber beams leading up to the roof life are painted or exposed, and how the actual roof is concealed with either plaster, timber cladding, or even metal.

The ceilings in here can create a dramatic effect, and be the make or break of the home, so get your inspiration happening if you are thinking about renovating in a tree change location.


If you are buying an older modern home (think anything built from 1980 onward), you can certainly put your renovation flair to the test in the ceiling space.

This is where a standard white ceiling could be replaced or refitted with something more in line with your own personal style.   Consider renovation options such as raising the ceiling height to give your rooms a spacier feel, or using designs such as suspended ceilings to hide wiring and manage costs if you are renovating your kitchen.

A modern home allows you to think about how you can take inspiration from different architectural styles, and find your look and feel.

How can a ceiling contractor help you with styling?

The great part about choosing an experienced and qualified ceiling contractor in Perth is that they are familiar with the different types of homes in and around Perth, and how to select the right ceiling.

Be sure to have one on your renovation team – either if you are project managing your renovation, or if you have a builder that is managing trades for you.  To talk to an experienced contractor, simply contact Heron Ceilings.