Alex Mendieta Back on the Spotlight

Public speaking has always been glorified in different aspects, and there is probably no better way to express thoughts and perspectives about the foundations of society than public speaking. However, the art of public speaking is quite challenging and requires the speaker to be truthful and just about the ways they broadcast their opinions on different subjects.

Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta is one such public speaker who is thought to be very controversial and blunt about these views and opinions regarding society’s critical aspects. He portrays the truth to his audience in such a manner that is sometimes regarded as bravery. He frequently speaks upon critical subjects and showcases his true feelings like none other.

However, Alex did not succumb to public speaking since the year 2016. In an interview, he was recorded stating his reasons for doing so. According to Alex, teaching the young generation about the beliefs and thoughts he generally conveyed is a very bad idea because those people would turn out to be his competitors in the future. Nonetheless, Alex has never seemed to care about how his audience receives his perspectives and has always been driven by the idea of charity.

Why did Alex have a change of plans?

Alex has been fond of charities and has been actively participating in quite a lot of charitable projects all over the world. In 2016, he started two of his own charitable projects, and maybe those are the reasons why he wants to continue public speaking. Being closely connected to his trustworthy audience and delivering speeches worldwide would help out his causes to fulfill his charitable wishes.

One of his self-funded charities is called “Give a child a bike,” which is intended to raise funds in order to deliver bikes to the unfortunate kids in Vietnam. The children of Vietnam often have to walk for hours in order to reach their schools, and as such, owning a bike would help them out.

Alejandro’s second charitable program (Alex) Mendieta focuses on providing scholarships to international students and is called the “Alex Mendieta Scholarship.”

Why are Alex’s opinions different from others?

Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta is known for his straightforwardness and blunt way of expressing his thoughts. He is way too truthful and only portrays the views which he thinks are true. As such, a major chunk of his viewers considers him controversial at times. However, his loyal audience is always there to pay attention to what he says.

Alex’s opinions on being politically correct are very open. According to Alex, being politically correct is nothing more than being low on self-esteem, and the way this generation is giving up to hypocrisy is very concerning.

Alex has also spoken quite a lot about his views on the government. According to Alex, the government should stop pleasing the minorities and start focusing on the majority’s well-being. Alex mentioned that he does not prefer how the government is always looking forward to pleasing the minorities with unnecessary perks while those people do not even pay taxes.

The year 2021 would be a very delightful year for Alex’s audience, with the possibility of more public speaking opportunities throughout the world.