Alkaline diet meal plan for weight loss

When it comes to rebalancing your figure (Male & female) alkaline diet meal plan works impressively. The particular reason is, you won’t find any oil-based and processing food in the alkaline diet.

We both know how much oily and processed food can harm our digestion and intestine. You might have followed alkaline diet meal plans before for weight loss, but that didn’t work for you. 

Because acidic foods are the main reason, we fail to lose our weight over and over again. If you want to lose weight, then avoid the oil-based foods first. And follow my 5-days meal plan. Additional herbs in your meal from trusted herbs online (  check it out ) will help you for better digestion.

5-day alkaline diet meal plans for weight loss

I tried to assemble the world’s best alkaline diet expert’s weight loss plan. If you follow my guideline properly, then you probably can lose your weight quickly.

1st day: Avocado, olive, cherries, bananas

On the very first day, you must keep these four foods in your meal plan. At breakfast, drink an avocado and bananas smoothie combination. 

During the lunch period, you can make olive, avocado, and cherries salad for you. As for snacks, you can eat some roasted nuts. In the dinner, a salad of avocado, olive, and steam chicken can give you healthy digestion.

2nd day: Apples, almonds, Oats

The second day, you can take some oats and almond mix for your breakfast. After 3 hours you can eat one apple if you feel hungry. For lunch eat some roasted chicken and 1 cup rice. In the snack time again eat one apple and finish your dinner with sweet potatoes and green salad.

3rd day: Green tea, lettuce, grapes

Well, the 3rd day could be a little tougher for you but don’t skip it. Eat slices of bread and one egg (Without yolk) for breakfast. After 3 hour, eat some grapes or you can drink grape juice. 

I will suggest you eat lettuce and vegetable salad for lunchtime. Green tea is perfect for an afternoon drink. At dinner, eat some roasted chicken and sweet potato.

4th day: Mangos, melons, dates

Finish your breakfast with an egg and some melon pieces. One glass of mango juice is perfect as after breakfast snacks. At lunchtime, you can take some rice and steamed chicken. Eat some dry or wet dates for afternoon snacks. For dinner, add some melon and mango pieces.

5th day: Cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus

The 5th day is a whole day of vegetables. The low-calorie protein you can get from only vegetables like carrot, cabbage, asparagus, and more. Finish the breakfast with oats. After that, make a salad of carrot, cabbage, and cauliflower. At dinner choose some roasted asparagus and roasted chicken.

Final verdicts

Losing weight is one of the toughest tasks to do. Indeed, I tried to specify a 5-day diet meal plan; especially when and what to eat. 

But you can’t lose your weight with the diet; you have to do some exercise besides it. Therefore, make a perfect weight plan with daily exercise for better results.