Do you have a friend who is always found his face buried in a book? If you want to offer him a gift basket, you have to think in a different way. You will find some prepared gifts for a book worm from online gift stores like Onlinegifts.CA, a DIY gift basket that will make him happier. Let’s go through the DIY gift basket idea for a book lover.

Things to include this gift basket

When you plan a gift for a book lover, you need to understand his daily habits. A gift box for a book lover should be filled with things that assist in reading. We noted some gift items your book worm friend will definitely like.

Bookmark set – Book lovers usually read several books in a week, even a day. It is very common to forget the last page they were on a book. Gift them bookmark sets to help to remember.

Earplugs – Avid readers hate noise because it prevents them from active reading. Earplugs are their best buddy to kill this enemy.

Booklight – Readers who are night owl as well will admire the gift. Buy a book light that comes with warm white or soft white bright.

Coffee mug – Most book lovers are “coffeephile.” Add a book-quote printed coffee mug in this basket.

Scented candles – The fragrance of scented candles is highly refreshing. This item may sound peculiar to a reader. But, it will be beneficial for stress reduction.

Personal library kit – This item is already a complete gift set. But, we will add it as a component to our gift basket.

Text wrapped pencils – Did he tell you once about his favorite novel? Text wrapped pencils are available with lines from famous novels. You can buy a set based on his choice.

Wooden notebook – Some active readers always take notes. Though a regular notebook is sufficient, a wooden notebook will make him feel special.

Floating bookshelf – Invisible floating bookshelves are quite popular due to durability and saving spaces. This item can be a perfect pick for a reader who maintains a minimalist lifestyle.

How to make a DIY gift basket

We are going to make a small DIY gift basket for a book worm. We need a few more things to prepare the gift basket such as a wooden box, shredded papers, and ribbons. You can offer a personalized tea towel as well that will work as the base of the basket.

Step 1: Fill the wooden basket with shredded papers. We recommend filling half of the basket to lay gifts in the basket stably.

Step 2: Place gift items on the basket one by one. We recommend laying all items in a sloping position because they look so good. Position bigger items behind and small items in front so that all things become visible.

Step 3: You can make some ribbon bow and fasten them in appropriate positions. It depends on how you want it to look like. Besides, add a handwritten inspiring gift note.

Finally, the simple DIY gift basket for a book lover is ready. This gift box doesn’t need wrapping. So, pick it and go to meet the book worm.