All You Need to Know about Permanent Residents in Singapore

Being one of the most developed and secured cities in the world, Singapore is a country that appeals to a lot of individuals. Whether they want to stay there for work, investing, or raising a family, it is a scenario that is plausible.Thousands of people become a Singapore permanent resident every year, but not all undergo the same application process. Thanks to the variety of schemes that can apply you as a permanent resident in Singapore, your wish will come true and you will be able to set up a home in one of Asia’s most stable and developed countries. More than that, the financial hub of the country will aid you in settling a comfortable life as a Singapore citizen!

If you want to know the requirements and process that will lead you to become a permanent resident, then you should continue reading this article! Let this article serve as your guide in your process of becoming Singapore’s newest permanent resident.

What to Expect in Becoming a Permanent Resident?

Last June 2017, there were about 526,600 people who became a permanent resident in Singapore. The number of foreigners-turned-Singapore-citizens in the country is increasing as you read this, and ,understandably, that it appeals to a lot of people. You get to enjoy plenty of benefits and perks. To elaborate, here is a list of benefits that you will get as a Singapore PR:

  • No more separate visas

If you have been flying to Singapore back and forth, then you must know the separate Singapore visa requirements that they ask of you before you enter the country. However, when you have become an official permanent resident, you are free to live, enter, and leave the country for as long as you want. It is because you will receive a Blue Card that will serve as proof that you are a Singaporean citizen. It will be the only identity document that you will need!

  • Change jobs freely

You can forget about worrying about delay or rejection from the work that you want to pursue when you become a permanent resident. It is one of the best benefits of a permanent resident in Singapore because the re-application for a work permit will no longer be a concern. Thus, you can change your job as soon as you get your Blue Card!

  • Get your spouse or children to live with you

As long as you put the names of your unmarried children under 21 years old in your Singapore permanent resident application, then you can get them to live with you! Your spouse is also eligible to be with you, so long as you can show proof that you are legally married.

If these benefits sound appealing to you, then you might want to get the assistance of a Singapore permanent resident scheme! These people will help you secure a new chapter in your life as a living citizen of Singapore.

What Can Singapore PR Scheme Do For You?

The following information that you will read is an overview of the different types of permanent resident schemes available in Singapore. It will help you decide on the one that best suits your needs and circumstances. To give you a general idea of what PR schemes do for you, here is a list of assistance that they will give you:

  • Pre-application information
  • Advice on Employment pass application
  • Proper order of required documents (to prevent delay)
  • An updated version of application forms
  • Overall support

When you pursue getting their assistance, then you can trust that you will be talking to experts and specialists who are focused on making your dreams come true! Let this variety of applicable permanent resident schemes help you in figuring out the best application for you and your family:

For working professionals

Foreign professionals who are working in Singapore at the time of their PR application are one of the easiest and most assured routes into getting that Blue Card. The key requirement is that you must be currently working in the country at that time. Prepare at least six months of your salary payslips to prove that you have worked in the country before applying.

For investors

An investment scheme is also known as the Global Investor Programme (GIP). You and your immediate family members are eligible to live as permanent residents in Singapore as long as you can start a business that has a minimum investment of SGD2.5 million, or investing the same amount to an established business in Singapore. Once you have that secured, you also need to meet the criteria of having a good business record, entrepreneurial background, and a business or investment plan.

For artistic talent

The arts scene in Singapore is gaining popularity due to its rapid growth over recent years. The ICA Singapore PR application opens its arms to people with any talent in the field of arts, including photography, dance, music, theatre, literature, or film! Remember to apply under the Foreign Artistic Talent scheme, and ensure that you are a well-recognised artist in your own country, an international reputation, and contributed to Singapore’s arts and culture scene before.

Take note that if the route that took you to become a PR in Singapore will put you in a National Service Liability. The only exempted application that saves you from this is if you have gained the status under the PTS scheme or the investor scheme. Your migration company will help you all through the process, so do not worry!

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