All you need to know about the benefits and risks of micro-dosing in 2021

Ayahuasca has been able to get wide attention all over the world due to its surprising health benefits to the people. Ayahuasca ceremony was widely received by the people since it was able to provide them with the needed relief from negative feelings.

Centro de Ayahuasca is also gaining popularity since professionals could help individuals through the correct dosages of the drink. However, the drug can also be consumed in the form of micro dosages. Micro dosage refers to a very small amount of the Psychoctvie drug that can be consumed by individuals at scheduled intervals of time. Research on the use of micro dosages of the drug Ayahuasca is very limited. Through the micro-dosing, the individuals were able to collect data on their mood swings, their sleep quality, and also the levels of anxiety. Hence without much difficulty, one can observe the impacts of microdoses of the drug could have on them. This can be helpful to understand the complete working of the drug. Although it could have many benefits, its side effects must also be considered before getting into it.

The benefits of micro-dosing

  • Improved mood levels
  • Better focus
  • Formation of new neurological connections
  • Improves well being
  • Treat depression and anxiety

There are many health benefits micro-dosing could have but long-term health impacts must not be neglected. It can only be found out through advanced research. However, it was found to be fruitful to the people suffering from disorders and a careful analysis of the data was obtained to confirm the results. The psychoactive drug proved to be giving results that helped them to get back to their normal lifestyles. There are potential risks to micro-dosing as well which shall be described as follows:

  1. Not safe to use for people suffering from heart or liver problems
  2. Lead to increase in blood pressure
  3. Can trigger heart diseases due to increased receptor activity
  4. Level up anxiety levels

This shows that the micro dosages could have both positive and negative health impacts and unless a proper analysis is carried out, further potential impacts lay hidden from the researchers. It could show different results in some people and more research must be encouraged to showcase the potential impacts such micro dosages of psychoactive drugs like Ayahuasca could have on the mind and brain of the individuals.