All You Need To Know About Well-Child Exams in Bastrop

Most of the new parents take their newborns for regular check-ups at the pediatrician’s office. These check-ups can provide peace of mind to the new parents, as they ensure that their newborns are healthy and developing properly. However, as time passes and parents gain confidence in their kid’s health, the number of visits to a pediatrician tend to decrease. In simple words, families become too busy to keep up with their kid’s yearly check-ups.

 In fact, many of them seek medical attention only when their children become ill. What you need to understand here is many of them are missing out on the critical preventative treatment by skipping the annual visits. If you are looking for Bastrop well child exams then take appointments from Premier Family Physicians. 

What Happens During a Well-Child Exam In Bastrop?

A comprehensive physical exam is performed at each appointment, during which the medical professional evaluates your child’s height, weight and other important statistics. Your doctor will also look at your child’s growth as well as development to see if there are any issues.

  • 0 to 1 years: Your pediatrician will measure your newborn’s head circumference and inquire about his or her sleeping, bowel movements, eating habits, and behavior. You’ll be able to get advice on how and when to introduce solid meals to your kid. The majority of visits at this period include a vaccine.
  • 1 to 2 years: Your healthcare practitioner will pay close attention to your child’s growth and development to look for any uncommon changes.
  • 3 to 5 years: Your paediatrician may begin monitoring the blood pressure of your child on a regular basis and conversing with him or her to foster a growing bond and listen for speaking patterns. 

Annual check-up is required for your child even after this age. What are the benefits of a well-child visit? Keep reading to know about its benefits in detail. 

  • Safety: Are you aware that your physician can assist you in keeping your kid safe at school or home? Take some suggestions from your physician about safety in your next appointment.
  • Immunizations: Taking your child for regular checkups is the easiest method to ensure your child obtains all of the needed vaccines.
  • Communication: Bring any questions or issues you’d want to discuss with your doctor. Discuss everything related to your child’s growth, behavior, sleep, or feeding habits. Try to share as much information as possible to your healthcare professional. Take notes if you feel that it is necessary.

Your health care professional always assists you in the best possible ways by providing you the best suggestions.