Answers To Top Tyre Related Questions

Not many drivers are familiar with their tyres and this because it is taken for granted by most people.  It will definitely take a while for one to learn about tyres.  So, in today’s article we’ll be attempting to answer some of your tyre questions.

When should I get new tyres?

This is a very important question, yet it is one most lots of people try to avoid, due to the cost of getting new tyres.  It is inevitable that you get new tyres. So how do you know when you need one.

One very easy way is based on the performance of your tyres. When you notice that your car takes longer to stop than usual, then it might mean that you need to change your tyres. Generally when your tyres no longer perform well in wet weather, then it’s recommended that you get new Goodyear tires.

Should I Change Only One Tyre?

The fact is that you can change only one tyre, in fact you can choose to continue driving with worn out tyres, but remember, there’ll be a price to pay. And it might be one you won’t enjoy paying. That being said, it is best you replace all four at the same time. Tyres don’t wear out singularly, they wear out collectively. If one tyre is wearing out at a much faster rate than the others, it might mean you have alignment or shock issues, so have your car checked. The next best option is to replace two tyres, a pair at the front or at the rear.  Then if it is that a single tyre was damaged, perhaps beyond repair, then you don’t have much of a choice.

How Important is Tyre Pressure?

The right tyre pressure helps protect your tyres making it last longer, makes your driving more smooth and comfortable and it also helps with fuel economy. Underinflated tyres would cause your vehicle to expend more force therefore more fuel is burnt, over inflated tyres may cause blowouts and lead to accidents, and so make sure you’re tyre pressure are always correct.

Should I Replace A Punctured Tyre?

This is a question you can’t answer by yourself. So to know if your punctured tyre can be replaced or fixed, you’ll need to take it to a professional. So you should check for tyre shops or car shops and have them take a look at it.

Should I buy Tyres Online?

Sometimes you think to yourself, how can I get tyres near me? it can be a hassle right, especially when you’re a novice in this tyre business. It’s easy though, just buy tyres online. As long as you know the kind of tyres that you use, this should not be a problem. The information is always available by the driver’s door on your car or on the dashboard.  On our tyre website, all you need to do is enter your car type, year and model and we’ll give you options of the kinds of tyres you should use.  We hope we’ve enlightened you a bit on tyre related matters.