Arcade In Your Own Space: 4 Essentials To Have For Building An Arcade Room

Nothing is more fun and entertaining than spending the day in an arcade! And, no matter how old or young you are, whatever your age is, a game room will always bring out the child in you. An arcade basketball machineis one of the best devices that made everyone’s childhood a blast. Be it a girl, boy, a child, teenager, or adult. You can always enjoy using the arcade basketball machine. This innovative piece of equipment made everyone’s childhood memories memorable and helped them hone their skills in shooting balls. As an adult, you may feel nostalgic when you get to play again or even see it in person.

As people mature and grow older, they are more prone to stress and ageing. Hence, the mere reason and need for more gaming rooms or arcades. If you run a business, the best way to help your employees be more productive and have more love and appreciation for the company is by giving them a bit of fun and playful activities. Consider setting up a game room or arcade in your office to help boost your staff. Apart from the typical arcade basketball machine, there are other devices you can include in your game room, such as a pac-man arcade machine, air hockey table, cotton candy machine, sound bar, and other stuff.

If you need help building your game room and arcade in the office, here are a few arcade must-haves.


A game room isn’t just about desktop computers and gaming chairs. These two aren’t alone enough. As a business owner, having a space dedicated to this pastime and sharing it with your employees is nice. Having a game room doesn’t only work for entertainment purposes, as it can also isolate you from the hustle and bustle world. No matter how large or small your game room might be, there are some necessities that will make your space perfect for isolating, gaming, entertaining, and relaxing.

Because there are so many technological advancements and machines for DIY game rooms nowadays, allow this list of must-have items to guide you on what you should include on your shopping list besides an arcade basketball machine.



Generally, most companies have internet, WiFi routers, and good electricity, which frees the systems from brownouts and sudden internet loss. When building your gaming room or arcade in the office, ensure having a good internet connection. Before getting thrilled to play and invest in a football table in Singapore, arcade machines, and other video games, start with your internet connection and electricity. These two can include power for your games console, desktop computer, light fixtures, and other devices.

Electricity is essential for your gaming room. Without it, you won’t be able to use your arcade basketball machine, air hockey table, computers, video games, and others. On top of that, you’ll also need the internet. You can either a) utilise an Ethernet cord and connect it down to your devices or b) use a WiFi router to get access to the internet.



Aside from your gaming desk, the internet, and your favourite arcade basketball machine, another way to make an excellent entertainment centre or gaming room is by adding a flat-screen television. This appliance can be the most brilliant way to spice up Friday nights with your employees. You may consider celebrating or ending the 8-5 work with a movie night. Paired with a cosy sofa or soft bean bag couches, you and your staff can absolutely relax while watching a movie on the TV. This one device can also double up and connect to your gaming system or gaming PC. That way, you have a way larger screen for gaming. Everyone can have a relaxed position on the cosy sofas while playing video games on a TV.



A gaming centre is not complete without the classic arcade machines. Add a vintage vibe and source of entertainment into your game room. Aside from the all-time favourite arcade basketball machine, you may want to check other pieces worth investing in and buying. Also, you do not need to worry about the space in your game room, as you have various options to choose from and add a solid retro feel to the area.

If your space is small, you may consider getting the following machines to enjoy the classic arcade games with your employees any time you want:


Choosing the best foosball table in Singapore can be challenging, considering the number of considerations in the market. This equipment lets you play scaled-down soccer with an opponent by moving it manually. This arcade staple allows players to strategise well and powers them to deliver an adrenaline rush. It only takes less space than a pool table, so you may want to get a hand on this one.


Getting your hands on a pinball machine in Singapore is the real deal. This fun game lets players hone their skills in patience and strategising. Apart from these two, it also enhances the coordination between your brain, eye, and hands. If you’re looking for a fun addition to your entertainment centre, you may want to consider a pinball machine.


Besides investing in a foosball table and a pinball machine in Singapore, consider getting a hand on a claw machine. You may have probably prayed and hoped to score a plush toy inside the gaming equipment at some point in your life. This game absolutely tests your patience and level of balancing.




During childhood, you may have felt the excitement of inserting a coin inside a capsule machine and waiting for candy or chocolate to come out. If you want to relive the moment, remember the anticipation, and feel nostalgic again, consider buying a capsule machine in Singaporeand adding it to your entertainment space.


There is no better way to surface your childhood memories than a cotton candy machine. This food appliance can give you the best fresh, air, and bubblegum-coloured cotton candy. It could also be the perfect combo for a slushy margarita on a Friday night with your staff. What better way to celebrate weekends than satisfying a sweet tooth, right?


Apart from a cotton candy machineand a capsule machine in Singapore, getting a popcorn machine can also make things convenient for you and your employees. With the flat-screen TV and cosy sofa, a bucket of popcorn on your lap is the best way to organise a movie night.

Wrapping Up!

These are just some essentials and items you can include in your gaming room or entertainment centre. Apart from these food machines, electrical devices, and arcade classics, such as a foosball table in Singapore, claw machine, pinball, and the like, you may consider some items you wish to add. You can add some card and board games, a billiard table if the space allows, a minibar setup, and other stuff. If you want to create a dedicated space for gaming and entertainment, take some time to consider this list.

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