Are Gambling Regulations for slots changing? 

Regulations and laws on gambling differ greatly across the world and even within the same country, like in America for example where different states will have their own regulations. In the UK gambling is not only legal but has a thriving gambling market which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest economic industries. This isn’t only the case in the UK, but many other countries are experiencing a similar situation where the gambling industry is booming and this is in part down to the popularity of slots at Mega Reel.

What are the currency gambling regulations in the UK? 

Players in the UK are in a very fortunate position and benefit from the UK being one of the largest and most well-established bookmakers in modern history and have robust laws and regulations in place to ensure gambling on slots and other casino games is fair and safe for all. Slot fans and fellow gamblers can enjoy their favourite casino games from slots to blackjack and poker safe in the knowledge that they are protected by UK law and gambling regulations that both online and offline casinos have to abide by.  

If you are living in the UK or you are a UK citizen you are legally permitted to gamble once you are over the age of 18 and you are protected by law when you play in a licensed casino. Plus, if players are lucky enough to win, the can enjoy their winnings tax-free as no matter how small or large your payout, you won’t pay a penny of tax on the winnings. 

Gambling regulations in 2020

The latest gambling regulations cover every type of gambling activity from online slots, bingo and the lottery, to sports betting and casino games. There have been calls for a more thorough review of the 2005 Gambling Act as the last significant review was carried out all the way back in 2001 to ensure economic freedom as well as social protection. But as the gambling landscape was changed significantly with the Internet and advancements in technology since 2001, more people are calling for a review which is more adequate and in line with the digital age we live in now and our modern challenges for keeping players safe.  

This is because apart from a smaller review in 2015 to include online gambling, the latest review although it did consider technological changes, it was impossible to predict the huge rise in smartphone tech and the dominance and influence of social media.  

One of the biggest challenges of a review of the current regulations is that by the time the review was carried out the process could take almost a decade and therefore we could not see new regulations being implemented until 2030 – and by then, the gambling industry could have changed so significantly the regulations could once again be lagging behind.  

Whatever happens, it will be important to get the balance right so that gambling regulations continue to protect players’ freedoms to enjoy their favourite casino games and slots as well as providing a safe and fair environment for players.