High quality knock off sneakers

Anish Deswal The high cost is never from the materials itself, its usually from some kind of research/new machinery implemented that they have to quickly make up for in order to be competitive. All these new designs and prototyping is where a big sum of money is put into. That’s why flyknit/primeknit shoes are usually priced higher. But the more shoes they sell, the less reasonable the prices become. By now their machines are paid off, and if they reuse their designs, more yeezy 350s more ultraboosts, they are pure profit.
For the fake shoes yeezycheap4salse.com, a lot are hand made and some use cheaper machines with low accuracy. Makes them more budget friendly to sell in small quantities. The materials sre usually ok enough to do the job.

You’re the realest. Bro. Keep doing what you’re doing. People will always talk whether you are doing good or bad. Failure is not the falling down but the staying down. You made a mistake, owed up to it and continued running the race. I respect that. Even soldiers at war come back with bruises and injuries, that is part of the journey. Recently, counterfeiters have found a way to produce high-quality fakes which makes things even more complicated to differentiate. It’s not like before when all counterfeits were easier to tell. Thanks to Vice for profiling you.Keep running the race Yeezy Busta. (I also just subscribed to your YouTube channel and will be following your progress) You’re the realest. Take care -From South Africa.

krissi B nah, personally, i support piracy and counterfeiting for luxury items. I would always buy high quality knockoffs instead of from official ripoff stores. I don’t believe in suporting pretentious designers and big corporate brands, they damn rich enough and can suceed without my money. U suckers wanna make them richer, go ahead.

This is the only way to push product breakthroughs and technology cos if someone can make a copy of what you just did, then there’s nothing unique or technologically advanced that makes you the only person or company that is able to do this right now. So boohoo to adidas, nikes etc they either make those Back to the future self lacing nikes or go bust by counterfeiters.